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For those parents who constantly complain about lack of proper ventilation in their child’s school or comparatively smaller playground or quality of the covers of the course books in school, here the message.

Student’s in one of the villages in Bundelkhand using other side of toilet as blackboard to run their regular classes without break for years. And guess what? They loving the pleasure of learning new things everyday. This article is not at all about finger pointing to who can do what to improve the situation of the school. It is more about the ability of few to go beyond obvious and create better opportunities without depending on others.

No worried about the sub-optimal situations nor even worried about outside distractions – their only focus is to gain knowledge with minimum cost and maximum effectiveness. No comparison. No regrets. This is what we in India need the most – move from resources to resourcefulness.

Are you the one who can do more with less? Are you the one who can add value to the life of people in most cost-effective manner? If yes, then you’re guaranteed to have big success; no matter where economy is going without worrying about recession.