TARUN GUPTA Consultant & Trainer Motivation Speaker

Tarun Gupta is with over 15 years of International Corporate Exposure to IT & PMP. He in-depth knowledge of emerging technology and special knack of connecting with people makes him a good trainer, facilitator and motivation speaker. 

ANAND MUNSHI Founder & Coach Motivational Speaker

Anand Munshi is Futurist, Leading Motivational Speakers in India, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Pune. He is Leadership Coach, TEDx speakers and Hindi Motivational Speakers on Employee Motivation & Sales. A Corporate Trainer in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai & Bangalore to Fortune 500 companies and Internationally acclaimed Peak Performance Author of three books. Anand Munshi is Life Coach and his columns are read by over 20 million readers every day.

HIGHER WINGS: Career Guidance Seminar by Shambhavi Institute & Anand Munshi Corporation

Are you confused about your child’s future education? You finding it difficult to choose out of so many confusing options?

THE GIANT LEAP: Student Motivation Session on How to Crack 7 Digit Salary Packages

We at Anand Munshi’s Institute customize every offering to meet needs of young professionals and bridge the corporate expectations gap.

HIGHER ORBITS – Understanding Every Customer Needs

It is our pleasure to get this wonderful opportunity to add value to your fantastic journey of success and learning.

Gain energy to leave comfort zone