Why Anand Munshi

There are many reasons why you can pick Anand Munshi as your next keynote speaker.
  • His delivery style is simple and thought provoking – giving actionable ideas for challenging time of change and complexities. He got special knack of putting complex and pressing issues in engaging and entertaining manner.
  • Anand Munshi is a TED Speaker on Innovation & New Age Entrepreneurship.
  • All his offerings are well-researched and proved to bring meaningful transformation in people with different walks of life.
  • Anand Munshi already served best known Corporate names like Google, Microsoft, Walt Disney, Mercedes, Audi, TATA, Parle, Reliance, JM Finance, Hindustan Petroleum, Infosys, Mahindra & Mahindra, Titan, Volkswagen to name few.
  • His apt delivery, gravitating personality and profound knowledge on Business Transformation, Leadership Empowerment & Employee Engagement guides Leaders & Key Decision makers to reach personal & professional goals.
  • A Futurist and also much sought after experienced Leadership Coach – Anand Munshi is the first choice for a Keynote Speaker in corporate events and during annual kick off meetings.

Anand Munshi is Student Motivational Speaker in India. He guides students in professional colleges on Academic Excellence and Right Career Choices for students in professional colleges Engineering, MBA. His sessions are mesmerizing – give rich exposure to world’s best practices from corporate world, in-depth spiritual insights and grounded techniques on relationships for people from all walks of life.

  • Anand as a Peak Performance Author

The book named “Peak of the Leap” is the Peak Performance & Personal Leadership Book for all corporate and individual needs on personal transformation. His second book “Secrets of Success in Competitive World!” is a bible for Young Professionals when they look for best and proven methods to excel in competitive world. Here, now he took the role of Leadership Coach for Young Professionals and Management Students. He gave talks in Hindi to motivate young students to lead a meaningful life.

  • Anand Munshi is one of the top rated TEDx & Motivational Speakers in India, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata & Delhi NCR. He transformed Corporate Leaders into Peak Performers with Growth Mindset. Through his Engaging, Empowering and Transforming session he breeds Disruptive Innovation, Employee Empowerment and Sales Effectiveness. A Leadership Author & Futurist known to bring turn-around in individuals and organizations through personal effectiveness.
  • He conducts Entrepreneurship & Innovation workshop Future_preneurship in Delhi NCR to one of the top MNCs from Germany. He add lot of value by bringing real-life experience in his talks to make session lively and engaging.
  • Anand Munshi’s sales effectiveness workshop are real gem as they are developed after years of research, studying best sales techniques in various products and industries.
  • Anand Munshi consults business on developing competitive edge for the growing competition of the future.

  • Anand Munshi’s with its internationally acclaimed and custom-designed offerings now provide Business Consulting along with Employee Engagement, a unique combined solutions keeping an eye on the growing requirements of holistic design with changing times to bring tangible and value-added services.

  • Anand Munshi as one of the top rated Motivational Speakers in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Nepal, Dubai and other countries also conducts session on Leadership Coaching, Employee Empowerment, Peak Performance and Innovation.

  • Anand with his diverse experience and wide international exposure is successful in bringing world’s best management and leadership practices in simplified and effective. He is instrumental in propagating the concept of organic motivation, growth mindset and thought leadership.

Three inseparable ingredients of Anand Munshi’s offering


All of Anand’s offerings are Engaging, Motivating & Thought Provoking. Participating in individual or team building activities; touching core aspect to bring lasting transformation and achieve desired milestones.


The sessions are predominately aimed to build Progressive Mindset through powerful methods to explore growth opportunities. It also focuses on Anand’s newly designed concept of “informed – responsiveness” the attribute for challenging times that makes business more productive with sustainable growth overcoming external changes and competition.


Finally, the sessions generate meaningful awareness to bring required shift in stereotyped mindset to adopt newer model of industry working. It channelizes untapped capabilities with hands-on inputs with Leadership Coach in India – Anand Munshi


Vikram Tea

JDP Discussion

How to be Genius




Coach – Under Modi Government Initiative


Executive Coach – Mumbai Port TrustLife Coach – Income Tax India Innovation Coach – Export Credit Guarantee Corp


Technology & Innovation, Automobile, Banking, Insurance, IT, Manufacturing, Electronic & Telecom etc.


Bachelor of Engineering – Mechanical MBA – Computer Science & Finance Master of Information Technology – E Commerce


Team BondingProblem SolvingPersonal EffectivenessImpactful Communication


Executive Presence – GravitasEmotional IntelligenceStrategic ThinkingDecision Making


Developing Competitive EdgeNavigating Changes TogetherEntrepreneurship & SustainabilityNew Age Innovation

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 Hindi Motivational Speakers in India

Hindi Motivational Speakers in India – Anand Munshi. He is one of the top rated motivational speakers in Hindi for Sales, Motivation, Employee Team Building, Leadership Empowerment – a Life Coach columnist for leading Hindi Newspapers; his articles are read by over 20 million readers everyday.


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