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Anand Munshi is top Motivational speakers in India and a leading Keynote Speaker in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR on Leadership, Innovation and Employee Engagement. His motivation sessions are thought provoking  brings transformation in corporate culture. Anand Munshi is Corporate Trainer to Fortune 500 Companies. Anand is also Motivational Speaker for Youth & Students and his Life Coach columns are read by hundreds of people in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan & Gujrath in India.

Futuristic Speaker in India – Anand Munshi

TESTIMONIALAnand Munshi is one of the best motivational & keynote speakers we had for our team. His delivery style was just perfect and he used perfect blend of Audio/Visual to engage our team.  Manu Singh, TATA Telesales 

“We invited Anand Munshi as Leadership Keynote Speaker for our team. It was most most authentic and thought provoking talk on value-driven leadership. His ability to connect with people and use of world’s best practices to make session experential make him India’s Top Motivational Speaker.”  Earnest Koilraj, FIAT INDIA

“Forget the participants, how often you see even the camera man get involved and get carried away by the humor of the speaker? Anand Munshi Motivation Speaker Session remained our poster picture – an undisputed speaker and statement how Anand’s session still remains most cherished and transforming session.” Mohan Ojha, Growth Seller Nepal.

Team Bonding


Anand Munshi is leading Corporate Trainer in India for Fortune 500 companies, known for making his session deeply experential and highly engaging. He is Leadership Keynote speaker and leadership coach to top executives.

“Anand Munshi’s outbound team-bonding sessions, without doubt empowered every employee of our organization from top to bottom. It was one of the most memorable event we had in recent past. ” Chandreshakar Head HR, Mahindra & Mahindra

Leadership Keynotes


Anand Munshi is India’s one of the best Motivational Speaker in India. He got special knack of addressing thousands of people with his powerful delivery style. His sessions bring lot of positive energy.

“Over two thousand people, hundreds of challenges, dozens of different backgrounds but only one goal – converting challenges into achievements. Anand Munshi is the best motivational speaker we ever had.  Manish Gupta, Senior Editor Dainik Bhaskar, Jabalpur.

Employee Motivation


Anand Munshi is India’s leading speaker for Employee Motivation to Fortune 500 companies & MNCs. He engages and empowers leaders to transform their personal and professional lives.

“Anand Munshi is a True influencer ; carrying exploring mindset of New Age Leaders for Innovation & Entrepreneurship  he is one of the best corporate trainer for Employee Motivation. He addresses pressing issues of Sales, Leadership Challenges, Employee Engagement & Transformation.” Saurabh HR, Volvo-Eicher


The most important aspect of all offerings of Anand Munshi’s his strong focus on the key-learning objectives. Starting from content-development, venue, pedagogy and duration is well thought and executed in a scientific way. We use all bench-marking standards and best industry practices That make all his session highly relevant and meaningful.


The sessions are build with Progressive Mindset through powerful methods to explore growth opportunities. It also focuses on Anand’s newly designed concept of “informed – responsiveness” the attribute for challenging times that makes business more productive for sustainable growth – overcoming external changes and competition.


Finally, first-thing-first and begin with the end in mind. The sessions generate meaningful awareness to bring required shift in stereotyped mindset and to adopt newer model of industry working. Throughout the intervention it is made a point to keep on referring to the end results and we at Anand Munshi, don’t mind making mid-course corrections.

Global Out rich - Offerings - Recent Programs


Anand Munshi is Motivational Speaker in India. We offers varieties of sessions on Motivation & Empowerment to cater the growing & diversified needs of Individuals, Organizations and its Leaders. Following are some of our offerings.

  • Motivational Talks
  • Corporate Training
  • Futurist Keynote Speeches
  • Leadership Keynote Speeches
  • Executive Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Business Consulting
  • Student Motivational Session
  • Student Orientation Programs
  • Life Coaching


  • FUTURIST KEYNOTE SPEECH – Competition of Future – Microsoft
  • KEYNOTE – Leadership for Changing Times – TATA Telesales
  • MOTIVATIONAL TALK – Empowering Employees – Pride Purple
  • CORPORATE TRAINING – Lateral Thinking – SKF
  • OUTBOUND TEAM BONDING – High Performing Teams – Global CDK
  • FUTURIST KEYNOTE SPEECH – Next-Gen Education – IIT Mumbai
  • LEADERSHIP KEYNOTE – Ethics The Integral Leadership – Maruti
  • OUTBOUND TEAM BONDING – High Spirits – Kaesar Compressor
  • CORPORATE TRAINING – Language of The Leaders – CA Institute
  • LEADERSHIP KEYNOTE – Customer Service Excellence – Flair
  • OUTBOUND TEAM BONDING – Empowering Leadership – JDK
  • MOTIVATIONAL TALK – Turnaround Spirit – Mahindra & Mahindra
  • OUTBOUND TEAM BONDING – High Performing Teams – Volvo
  • MOTIVATIONAL TALK – Innovative Mindset – Income Tax India
  • CORPORATE TRAINING – Speak Life A TED Speaker – Tech Mahindra
  • LEADERSHIP KEYNOTE – Time Management – Dainik Bhaskar
  • CORPORATE TRAINING – Mindfulness – Mercedes Benz
  • LEADERSHIP KEYNOTE – Language of The Leaders – CA Institute
  • MOTIVATIONAL TALK – Empowering Employees – Pride Purple

Highly Engaging Motivational Talks

Anand Munshi is known to give high powered and highly engaging motivation talks in Corporate & Open programs. His delivery style is simple, his audience connect is almost real-time. He give  and thought provoking actionable ideas for challenging time of change and complexities. He got special knack of putting complex and pressing issues in engaging and entertaining manner.

Anand Munshi is TEDx Speaker on Innovation & New Age Entrepreneurship. All his offerings are well-researched and proved to bring meaningful transformation in people.

Esteemed Clientele of Anand Munshi

Anand Munshi is honored to served clients from different spectrum. From Swatch Bharat Abhiyan to Students living in Huts. Some of his clientele include like Google, Microsoft, World Bank, Walt Disney, Mercedes, Audi, TATA, Volvo, Parle, Reliance, JM Finance, Axis Bank, Hindustan Petroleum, Infosys, Mahindra & Mahindra, Titan, Volkswagen to name few.  He has worked with Accenture and Vodafone. He conducted events as Life Coach and Motivational Speaker in different parts of India like Raipur, Indore, Nashik, Bhopal, Jaipur & Udaipur.

Motivational Speakers in India Mumbai Pune Delhi NCR


Anand Munshi is one of the most sought after motivational speakers in India. He conducts his Corporate Motivational Session in Mumbai, Pune, Dehi NCR. Along with his widely read columns in national dailies he is best rated Motivational Speaker in Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur & Gawalior. 

Futurist Speaker in India Anand Munshi 

Futurist Keynote speaker in India Anand Munshi speaks on Next-Gen changes and impact of Artificial Intelligence, Competition, Innovation & Customer Service on Employment & Living Standards.  His command in understanding defining global trends and forming meaningful patterns – predicting organizational & personal issues along with discrete solution  based on trends of Changing Customer Behavior, Organization Priorities, Cost Effective Innovation & Global Competition is vital. 

“Forget the participants, how often you see even the camera man get involved and get carried away by the humor of the speaker? This remained our poster picture – a undisputed statement how Anand’s session still remains most cherished and transformation session.”

– MR MOHAN – Chairman & Managing Director @ Growth Seller, Kathmandu- Nepal.

Motivational Sales Trainer in India

  • Anand is dynamic sales trainer. As a Sales Trainer in Mumbai he has conducted dozens of sessions for top corporate clients like Axis Bank. As a Sales Trainer in Pune he has transformed lives of thousands of sales professionals.
  • His sales seminars are motivating and bring world’s best practices to the team. Later during the year he was promoted with one of the biggest financial institution of National Australia Bank (NAB) where he was Business Information Adviser and empowers and employees and improves customer satisfaction.
  • Anand gave outstanding results as a motivational speaker in Kolkatta and executive coach to Fortune 500 companies in Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi and at various other cities in Madhya Pradesh like Indore, Bhopal and Jabalpur.
  • Now he regularly conducts Business Transformation Workshops with Senior Business Leaders to develop competitive edge and nourish the environment of Innovation within organizations.
  • In his modules he shares his world famous and proven Peak Performance Techniques that he has developed and witness in his demanding and rewarding careers as business consultant.
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Motivational Speaker & Author

The book named “Peak of the Leap” is the Peak Performance & Personal Leadership book for all corporate and individual looking for personal transformation. His book “Secrets of Success in Competitive World!” is a bible for Young Professionals when they look for best and proven methods to excel and competitive world. Here, now he took the role of Leadership Coach for Young Professionals and Management Students.
After years of research Anand Munshi as one of the thought leader and peak-performance coach came up with one of the world’s best and proven techniques to improve the employee engagement. His other works are on to improve employee engagement and enhance customer service experience.

Anand Munshi – Life Coach in India

As more and more people are grappling with the life issues, giving up and living life filled with chronic anxieties rather than looking for better and newer ways to lead a happy life. Anand Munshi as Motivational Speaker & Life Coach in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore & Pune, assisting people from different walks of life, giving them hope to define and refine their own definition of success and happiness in life.



Coach – Under Modi Government Initiative


Executive Coach – Mumbai Port Trust
Life Coach – Income Tax India Innovation Coach – Export Credit Guarantee Corp


Technology & Innovation, Automobile, Banking, Insurance, IT, Manufacturing, Electronic & Telecom etc.


Bachelor of Engineering – Mechanical MBA – Computer Science & Finance Master of Information Technology – E Commerce


Team Bonding
Problem Solving
Personal Effectiveness
Impactful Communication


Executive Presence – Gravitas
Emotional Intelligence
Strategic Thinking
Decision Making


Developing Competitive Edge
Navigating Changes Together
Entrepreneurship & Sustainability
New Age Innovation

Over 15 years of experience working with Fortune 500 & Reputed MNCs ; Anand played instrumental role in defining Corporate Strategy as a Data Scientist & Management Consultant. He drove business strategy using
Business Intelligence.

Motivational Speaker
Leadership Coach
TEDx speaker
One-on-One Coach
Corporate Trainer

World Bank, AXIS Bank, JM Financial

Google, Microsoft, MASCIO, Boehringer
Ingelheim, TUV – SUD, CDK Global


TATA, Maruti-Suzuki, Mahindra, Volvo,

KAESER, Blue Star

Swatch Bharat, Income Tax India, ECGC,
Mumbai Port Trust

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