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Anand Munshi is one to the Top Motivational Speakers in Mumbai. He conducted dozens Keynote Speeches for leaders of Fortune 500 companies and transformed lives of thousands of professionals.

He is Youth Motivator, TEDx Speaker, a Futurist He is much sought after Corporate Trainer in Mumbai. His seminars are engaging and experiential; motivating and bring world’s best practices to the team in simplest of the manner. His recent sessions were conducted for Blue Star, Microsoft, SIEMENS, TATA and various government organizations. Anand Munshi works closely with clients as Executive Coach and as a motivational speaker. Anand Munshi regularly conducts Team Bonding Activities for Corporate Employees along with Business Sales Transformation Workshops in Mumbai with Senior Business Leaders to develop sales effectiveness and nourish the environment of Innovative Sales within organizations. He shares his world famous and proven Peak Sales Performance Techniques that he has developed and witnessed in his demanding and rewarding careers as business consultant.

He consults business on developing competitive edge for the growing competition of the future. His with its internationally acclaimed and custom-designed offerings now provide Business Consulting along with Employee Engagement, a unique combined solutions keeping an eye on the growing requirements of holistic design with changing times to bring tangible and value-added services. One of the top rated Motivational Speakers in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Nepal, Dubai and other countries also conducts session on Leadership Coaching, Employee Empowerment, Peak Performance and Innovation. Anand Munshi’s sales effectiveness workshop are real gem as they are developed after years of research, studying best sales techniques in various products and industries. His delivery style is simple and thought provoking – giving actionable ideas for challenging time of change and complexities. He got special knack of putting complex and pressing issues in engaging and entertaining manner.

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Futuristic Speaker in Mumbai, India

Anand Munshi is a Futuristic Speaker in Mumbai,India. A True Influencer and Thought Leader to connect with, enable and change people and associations of Next-Generation. He predicts the experience of Customer Satisfaction, Technological effect, Competitive Environment Corporate Leaders. Anand is dynamic Motivational Sales Trainer in Mumbai, India. He has driven numerous business viability sessions for top corporate clients that has changed presences of thousands of specialists. Anand Munshi’s business workshops are loaded up with savvy and intriguing sources of info intended to acquire truly necessary change authority point of view to get advancement and consumer loyalty the standard of business thinking. He is solid supporter of practical advancement and motivates members to thoroughly consider of box to advance cleverness.

Life Coach in Mumbai – Anand Munshi

Life Coach in India – Anand Munshi. He is one of the top rated Celebrity Life Coach in Mumbai. Through his life coach columns he reaches over 20 Million readers every day. His sessions include Leadership Empowerment, Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual Quotient to get the best out of their life. He conducts Entrepreneurship & Innovation workshop Future_preneurship in Mumbai to one of the top MNCs from Germany. He add lot of value by bringing real-life experience in his talks to make session lively and engaging. More

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