Keynote Speaker in India – Anand Munshi

Keynote Speaker in India – Anand Munshi. Anand Munshi is Top Keynote Speaker of international repute – a Thought Leader & True Futurist for Employee Engagement, Innovation and Leadership Empowerment. Munshi’s approach consultative and analytical – he draws parallels in spotting shift defining patterns of Customer Behavior, Organization Priorities & Technological Impact. Anand Munshi as a Motivational Speaker in India gives exposure to world’s best practices on Business Transformation acts as a key influencer to bring sustainable revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

This year Anand Munshi has conducted keynote sessions in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune in various sectors including – Finance, Banking, Telecommunication, Education, Manufacturing, Entertainment and some of his clients are Microsoft, IIT Mumbai, JM Financial, TATA & SKF,  Mahindra & Mahindra.


Anand Munshi is a Leading Keynote Speaker in India, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata & Gurgaon. His international corporate exposure, wide education interest and ability to quickly offer solution has been instrumental in transforming dozens of organizations and thousands of individuals to lead a meaningful life.

Some popular topics of Anand Munshi’s Keynote Speeches are:

  • Beating Competitiveness with Quality Innovation
  • Beyond Employee Engagement To Employee Empowerment
  • Success Principles for Next-Gen Leaders
  • Outliers of the Motivated Orbit
  • Extra-Ordinary Solutions for Ordinary Problems
  • Developing Gravitating Personality To Lead from the Front
  • Why Super Success is Limited to Few & Faithful

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