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Anand Munshi is Top Motivational Speaker in Bangalore. He is leading Keynote Speaker in India for “New Normal” & Futurist Keynote Speaker to Fortune 500 & MNCs. He empowers leaders to build future-friendly products and services to drive business through excellence in Customer Centricity and Innovation led technology. Anand Munshi is Best Motivational Speaker in Bangalore to leading IT, Finance, Banking and Manufacturing companies like Google, Oracle, Microsoft, HDFC, Audi, Mercedes Benz etc. His international experience and exposure to best business and leadership practices makes him India’s leading Though Leader to thrive in changing industry scenarios.

Anand Munshi is leading Executive Coach in Bangalore, a Futurist on Innovation, Employee Empowerment & Sustainable Revenue Growth. Through his coaching he transformed corporate leaders to become peak performers; possessing Growth Mindset and Disruptive techniques on lasting transformation in individuals and organizations.

Why Anand Munshi?

Motivation & Executive coaching gives you a better perspective to the existing problems and enables you to give solution for the “blind spot” that you never thought was possible to see and solve.

Motivation is all about asking the ‘right questions’ instead of trying to give answers to every problem. It makes one goals clearer and make one take concrete steps to achieve it.

Success is all about getting one more brain to work with towards your personal and professional success

The mental faculty of discovering, expressing, or appreciating the ludicrous or absurdly incongruous the ability to be funny or to be amused by things that are funny.

Proven techniques and methods helps in building self-esteem to reach bigger and better opportunities.

The most important aspect of all offerings of Anand Munshi’s his strong focus on the key-learning objectives. Starting from content-development, venue, pedagogy and duration is well thought and executed in a scientific way. We use all bench-marking standards and best industry practices That make all his session highly relevant and meaningful.

The sessions are build with Progressive Mindset through powerful methods to explore growth opportunities. It also focuses on Anand’s newly designed concept of “informed – responsiveness” the attribute for challenging times that makes business more productive for sustainable growth – overcoming external changes and competition.

Finally, first-thing-first and begin with the end in mind. The sessions generate meaningful awareness to bring required shift in stereotyped mindset and to adopt newer model of industry working. Throughout the intervention it is made a point to keep on referring to the end results and we at Anand Munshi, don’t mind making mid-course corrections.

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Futuristic Speaker in Bangalore, India

Anand Munshi is a Futuristic Speaker, A True Influencer and Thought Leader to engage, empower and transform individuals and organizations of Next-Generation. He predicts the experience of Customer Satisfaction, Technological impact, Competitive Environment Corporate Leaders. Anand is dynamic Motivational Sales Trainer in Chennai, India. He has led many sales effectiveness sessions for top corporate customers that has changed existences of thousands of experts.

Anand Munshi’s business workshops are filled with insightful and thought provoking inputs meant to bring much needed change in leadership perspective to bring innovation and customer satisfaction in the main stream of business thinking.

I use this phrase a lot: “The future creates the present!” Yes, this is just the opposite of what most people think. They believe the work we’re doing today will automatically create the future, but from a little different perspective, it is the images of the future that we hold in our head that determines the decisions we’ll make today.


Our Offerings

Do you face challenges in developing high performing team? We specialize in Engaging Employees, Empowering Leaders and Transforming Organizations with our world class offerings.

Executive Coaching

Anand Munshi Coach Leaders to develop a clear vision and come up with powerful strategies for personal and organizational growth

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Engage & Empower your employees with customized and impactful trainings using world's best methodology

Futurist Keynote Speaker

With rapid changes in technology and shifting customer behaviour prepare for Next-Gen business with future-friendly solutions

International Motivational Speaker Anand Munshi
Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Dubai, Malaysia, Nepal

Motivational Speakers in India - Topics by Anand Munshi

Anand Munshi is Motivational Speaker in India. He offers varieties of training on Motivation & Empowerment to cater the growing & diversified needs of Individuals, Organizations and its Leaders. Following are some of his topics & offerings.

  • Motivational Talks
  • Corporate Training
  • Futurist Keynote Speeches
  • Leadership Keynote Speeches
  • Executive Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Business Consulting
  • Student Motivational Session
  • Student Orientation Programs
  • Life Coaching
  • Corporate Training
  • Student Job Readiness Program
  • Corporate Training
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What Our Clients Say?

Anand Munshi’s outbound team-bonding sessions, without doubt empowered every employee of our organization from top to bottom. It was one of the most memorable event we had in recent past.


Head HR, Mahindra & Mahindra

Over two thousand people, hundreds of challenges, dozens of different backgrounds but only one goal – converting challenges into achievements.
Anand Munshi is the best motivational speaker we ever had

Manish Gupta

Senior Editor Dainik Bhaskar, Jabalpur

Anand Munshi is a True influencer ; carrying exploring mindset of New Age Leaders for Innovation & Entrepreneurship he is one of the best corporate trainer for Employee Motivation. He addresses pressing issues of Sales, Leadership Challenges, Employee Engagement & Transformation.


HR, Volvo-Eicher


Our Client's Success Stories

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We planned an outdoor team bonding and motivation session with Mr. Anand Munshi for our sales and vendor team. He did fantastic task of clubbing the team into one unit in short span of time. My team especially loved his Business Simulation Activity. The whole session was electric and all members of the team were fully engaged. We’re very happy to and look forward for many more sessions.

Nitin Yadavat Director, Kaeser, India.
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I was keen in having a new energy and direction for my team and Mr. Anand Munshi delivered a half day seminar on Mindfulness on Sustained Human Empowerment & Business Transformation. The session was filled with interactive activities and Mr. Anand Munshi made the whole session experiential learning for all of us. I would rank Anand Munshi as one of the leading

Geetha Muralidhar CEO & BoD, ECGC.
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Our annual outdoor event for whole leadership team with Mr. Anand Munshi gave key messages on changing perspective of leadership for Next-Gen business. It was highly engaging and entertaining session. No wonder Anand Munshi is India’s best and number one rated Motivational Speaker The team especially like his futurist approach to join the current events to define future patterns. Great session indeed.

Sanjeev Nautiyal MD & CEO, SBI Life.
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Our staff attended two days Corporate Training with Mr. Anand Munshi. The whole session was based on latest findings in the field of Customer Centricity & Innovation. We all loved his style to put complex thing with simple language and apt use of pedagogy to put the point across to all people in the group. I must say, his session was filled with humor and entertaining without any boring bits of gyan.

Mahabir Sahu GM, Parle G

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Corporate Training India. Anand Munshi provides Customized & World Class Corporate Training Services in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore & Hyderabad. He work closely with Leaders of Organization to design transforming learning experience on the topics of Sales, Team Bonding, Soft Skills and Strategic Thinking & Leadership Transformation. FutureWise - Anand Munshi is the founder of Corporate Training Company in Mumbai. He conducts Online Corporate Training and classroom training in India Mumbai, Pune to Fortune 500 companies like Google, Microsoft, INGRAM etc.
Fire Walk | Walking On Fire | Fire Walk Training in Mumbai and Pune Are you looking to motivate your sales team or overcome inner fear ? Take first step by designing a customized training with us. Join Anand Munshi’s Fire Walk Training in Mumbai and Pune take their productivity to the next level. Fire Walk training builds strong self-image by overthrowing deep seated limitations. Walking on Fire training emphasis on taking decisions to bring BIG Success in life of individuals. Please contact us to arrange a similar life changing training experience for your team.