Paid Internship Opportunity During Weekends!
You want to be an entrepreneur? Here is golden opportunity to take first step with us. We’re hiring young smart interns for 2 days (weekends also) from leading MBA, PGDM, Engineering, Bachelor courses. You can pick convenient slot of 9th & 10th Sep 2017 or 16th & 17th Sep 2017.

The Opportunity
– You’ll be interviewing some of the most successful people in media, health, arts, food, social field. And write their story of success in a engaging and mesmerizing way to attract reader’s attention. The questions will be standard for all and will be provided upon commencement.
– Full training will be provided

What you get?
– Great exposure and learning!
– Invitational honorarium of INR 1000 (one thousand India Rupee) will be paid in cash upon satisfactory completion of the assigned work.
– Possibility to work for long term/permanent basis with us.
– Certification will be provided by our Australian Based Company.
– Rare opportunity to interact some of the BIG shots in the industry.
– Opportunity for networking within your area of interest

The Assignment
– Each candidate will be completing 5 stories. We’re happy if you team up with like minded buddy to make your project live, entertaining and value adding for each other.

The Expectations
– The candidate must have good interpersonal skills and fluency in speaking and writing English.
– Candidate must be well behaved and descent in actions.
– Needs to well groomed. The dress must be either Formal or Smart Casual.
– Display sound ethics of interigity and set higher standards of professionalism.
– Completion of assigned tasks with best of the abilities.

Are you ready?
– If you excited here the next step for you. Click here and fill in your all required details. If shortlisted you get a call for interview ! Hope to see you all soon!!

It is necessary to fill the online form to be considered for the opportunity.

More information:
Call: +91 960 44 36 000

College Campus Selection: 6 Simple & Powerful Tips to Earn Thick Salary Packet
MINDSET: Focus first on self-development to add more and more value to the organizations. The more value you add the higher salary you can attract.
INTEREST: Never lose sight of your real career interest because you have higher possibility of excelling in it.
RESPONSE: Make positivity your habit as nine times out of ten things won’t go as you plan. Success is to quickly forget failures and get ready for new opportunities.
LEARNING: When you lose don’t lose the lesson. No matter what, commit to improve your every next attempts.
FITMENT: Map your core talents with job requirements. No point frustrating for not getting high salaried but wrong job.
BASIC: Do basics right. No short cuts. Develop Positive Personality & Gain through Subject knowledge.

Good news if you are in education and entertainment sector – as this industry is tipped to grow even further. As of now these two areas are already considered very active and play active role in the lives of common man but with times to come we’ll see major changes that’ll lead to its growth. In the light of recent findings it can be safely concluded that there is going to be big demand for the quality education; not the basic education but learning and application of technical knowledge that will lead to cost – effective innovation and self-dependency to nurture self-employment. Entertainment is going to be another major beneficiary of changings dynamics of the society as people with more disposable income will opt for better, varied and diverse ways to keep them entertained.

The most vibrant and most talked about industry of any country is entertainment and that too in India is going to explode to new avenues apart from films and hotels it’ll be catering more pressing demands of the changing life style and behavior like in-house play games, expensive resorts etc. something that is not much heard before.

You might be wondering what is the root cause of the sudden shift in the boom for these two industries? Well, for the first time in known history, more than 50% of mothers in the age bracket of 45 to 49 years have less than two children. And more and more women are deferring the decision of having children to much later years, possibly to gain more financial and emotional stability . For example in 2001, 13% women in age bracket of 25 – 29 years have no child as compared to 16% in 2011. This is major shift in the thinking of mothers as in next few years this number is predicted to touch 20% leading to more ageing population. It’ll lead to more avenues of entertainment in the absence of pressing engagement of children at home and hence will spend more and more money to keep them entertained with bigger TV screens in the house and luxury house which majority of mothers can’t afford due to financial needs of the children like upbringing and education.

With lesser children taking birth in the family and more matured age of mothers, the children are more likely to get healthy financial share for their education due to “much financially stable parents” which they cannot get now due to young age and financially struggling situation of parents whereby more children compete for the limited income. The parents will increasingly look for better education options and won’t mind spending extra to give quality education to make their child competent and confident in this fast changing environment of cut-throat competition.

Quality education is the basic need of every child and proper career selection is the first step a child takes to fulfill his or her ambitions. A well thought decision to choose a particular career after getting proper guidance opens countless doors for personal and professional success. A right career also gives financial stability which comes from job satisfaction which further leads to better health and perfect work-life balance. But a small mistake during career selection creates lot of trouble wastage of money and ruining of a child’s future. Especially in a country like India where more and more people compete for fewer seats in professional colleges and in good jobs it becomes critically important that students take due care in career selection by taking required guidance from teachers, parents even from professional counselors.

Unfortunately, most students in their tender age when they make career choices they don’t have much awareness and visibility about a particular career and their thoughts are also not practical. They also sometime take career choices based on fancy ideas which are away from reality like copying fantasy characters from movies and television. They get easily influenced by their surroundings and end up taking wrong decisions like selecting same glamorous career what their friends has chosen and later on regret to know that their personality don’t match with the education they are pursuing and finally perform poorly in their academic records.

During this time they also develop guilt feelings as they have already wasted lot of money of their parents and also their own valuable time of youth. Fortunately, career selection is a systematic decision making process that can be learned after taking into consideration some important things like analyzing your own inclination, your own strengths and weaknesses, financial ability of parents and prospects of a particular field in the future. Following are very simple but effective tips that parents and students should consider before taking any career choice:

First and most important is to explore within yourself what is your real interest. Don’t get influenced from external factors like friends or relatives but analyze where your heart constantly takes you. It makes big difference if you choose your career path that is also close to your heart.

Second, try to eliminate any emotional reasons when selecting career. Be logical and practical in your approach.

Third, always remember if you’ve chosen something that you really love than the chances are really less that you’ll give it up when things get worst in the future as you are doing something that you like to do.

Fourth, have high degree of self-awareness about your own strengths and weakness and judge yourself if you could do well in a particular education field. If required talk to some seniors students and get their opinion along with teachers and parents. High self-awareness and acceptance of your own weakness frees one from unnecessary rat race and failing at it in the later stage of life.

Fifth, it is the responsibility of every parent to stay close to their child and assist them as their friends while they are going through this exploration exercise. Most students find it overwhelming. Don’t try to influence their thinking but be there with them whenever they need your advice.

Finally, it is important for parents to realize that their child is just normal and don’t overburden and overload them with all your desires and hopes. Let he live his life according to his own way. This support and confidence from parents into their children makes big difference in children’s life.