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Anand Munshi is Top Motivational Speaker in Chennai. For over 10 years, Anand has delivered lectures in hundreds of companies – transformed thousands of people into personal leaders. His session encourages people not only take control of their personal and professional lives but also assist others in the journey of greatness for financial independence, relationship improvement and health.
Anand has got special knack of engaging with audience, his relevant life experiences and hands on corporate exposure makes his session engaging. Anand Munshi as Corporate Trainer in Chennai covers various topic of Customer Centricity, Employee Team Bonding & Business Transformation addressing the root cause of problems.
Anand Munshi as a keynote speakers in Chennai has worked with over 12 industry sectors including – Telecommunication, Banking & Finance, Real Estate, Pharmaceutical, Education, Manufacturing & Education. He closely work with different levels of leadership within organization to bring sustainable outcome by delivering a customized sessions.

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Futuristic Speaker in Chennai, India

Anand Munshi is a Futuristic Speaker, A True Influencer and Thought Leader to engage, empower and transform individuals and organizations of Next-Generation. He predicts the experience of Customer Satisfaction, Technological impact, Competitive Environment Corporate Leaders. Anand is dynamic Motivational Sales Trainer in Chennai, India. He has led many sales effectiveness sessions for top corporate customers that has changed existences of thousands of experts.

Anand Munshi’s business workshops are filled with insightful and thought provoking inputs meant to bring much needed change in leadership perspective to bring innovation and customer satisfaction in the main stream of business thinking. He is strong supporter of cost-effective innovation and inspires participants to think out of box to promote resourcefulness.

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Sales Trainer in Chennai, India

Anand Munshi is Sales Trainer in Chennai for Corporate. Presently he conducts Business Sales Transformation Workshops in Chennai with Senior Business Leaders to create deals viability and support the earth of Innovative Sales inside and outside of organizations. In his modules he shares his famous and proven methods of Peak Sales Performance Techniques. This sales techniques are powerful that works across the level and builds confidence of sales-person to close bigger deals of much higher value and impact.


Keynote Speakers in Chennai, India

Keynote Speakers in Chennai, India – Anand Munshi. He is one of the top of the line persuasive orator for Sales, Motivation, Employee Team Building, Leadership Empowerment – a Life Coach feature writer for driving Hindi Newspapers; his articles are perused by more than 20 million perusers regular. His business workshops are prodding and convey world’s acknowledged systems to the gathering in most clear of the way.[/info_banner_vc]

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