Labourer’s son ditched offers from IIM & US Company to serve Indian Army.

Barnana Yadagiri is not an ordinary man and there is no limit to what he could have achieved with his extra-ordinary opportunity to gain big financial success. After passing from International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad and refusing to work for US based company – even putting down the lucrative offer from IIM Indore he chose to do something where his heart is. He decided to join India Army and not getting allured by the stacks of money of corporate world. It is a bold decision for a person coming from a family where his father used to work for cement factory earning only Rs. 60 per day and mother afflicted with polio used to clean office tables to make both ends meet.

The winner of Silver Medal from Indian Military Academy, a very hard worker by nature his decision to join army sets a glorious example for hundreds of people who wondering for a meaningful success. “The kind of mental satisfaction one gets by working for the motherland cannot be replaced by any amount of money”, says Barnana with lots of conviction in his eyes.

Recounting the struggles – depending on government’s scholarships to continue with his studies and witnessing the hardships of patents was painful experience for him. But it was proud moment for his parents to see him receiving silver medal for standing first in Technical Graduate Course and to see him dressed in army officer’s uniform.

When majority of us are mad after corporate success, Barnana too would have grabbed opportunity to improve his dire financial conditions and give comfort to his family but he is made up something else. He decided gain internal satisfaction over external success. We all salute to you and wish you all the very best – Barnana !!