Corporate Training in Mumbai, Pune & Delhi

Corporate Trainer in India – Anand Munshi. Anand Munshi is top Corporate Leadership Trainer in India. He conducts Corporate Training in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata to Fortune 500 companies like Google, Microsoft, INGRAM etc. He is  Experential Facilitator on topics of Team Bonding & Motivation, Strategic Thinking & Problem Solving, Customer Centricity & Mindfulness. His apt delivery, gravitating personality and profound knowledge on Business Transformation, Leadership Empowerment & Employee Engagement guides Key Decision makers to reach personal & professional goals.

What makes good corporate training?

Delivering a training to corporate is all about understanding the genuine needs and expected outcome that client seeks from training intervention. We found, there are three important parameters of well designed training – incorporating strategic direction of company, awareness of industry changes and alignment of individual learning needs of participants. We at Anand Munshi Training Institute believes in ruthless customization and constant learning to bring high impact to the participants.

Our team of highly experienced corporate trainer at Anand Munshi have decades of corporate work experience in managing people, front-ending strategic initiatives who have showcased their thought leadership in their own industry. They bring wealth of knowledge and relevant case studies to give real-time simulation of problems and steps to take for their solutions.

We at Anand Munshi, provide Corporate Training at Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata & Gurgaon. Our international corporate exposure, wide industry segment and ability to quickly offer customized solutions has been instrumental in wining trust of hundreds of organizations – empowering leaders, transforming organizations and thousands of employees across five countries.

Topics for Corporate Training at Anand Munshi

  • Motivation & Team Bonding
  • Communication & Business Etiquette
  • Presentation & High Performing Teams
  • Beating Competitiveness with Quality Innovation
  • Beyond Employee Engagement To Employee Empowerment
  • Success Principles for Next-Gen Leaders
  • Outliers of the Motivated Orbit
  • Strategic Thinking & Problem Solving
  • High Impact Presentation
  • First Time Managers
  • Leaders of Leaders – 360 Degree assessment
  • Customer Centricity
  • Developing Gravitating Personality To Lead from the Front
  • Why Super Success is Limited to Few & Faithful

Strategic Thinking & Problem Solving

Employee Motivation & Team Bonding

Leadership for Next-Gen Businesses

Gen X to Gen Z - Work Life Balance

Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence

Beating Competition with Quality Innovation