Anand Munshi without any doubt is India’s most dynamic Leadership & Peak-Performance Coach. His seminar was thought-provoking and filled with great insights. Through is vast industry experience and motivation style he coached my Leadership team with Real-Time Decision Making Scenario. He gave us true value of our time.


A true motivator, he took no time to connect with my team through his entertaining and yet ground breaking realizations. His ability to relate personal and professional live is amazing. His seminar was fully packed with powerful techniques to always stay motivated and reach personal and professional goals.


Anand is all set to exceed as Leadership & Peak Performance Coach. He is combination of Steven Covey & Malcolm Galdwell, filled with high ethics and strong surge to lead others. I’ve yet to see so much spark and enthusiasm in a person who can bring lasting and meaningful transformation in an individual and organization. Great to be with him.”

- MR. Naveen Kumar

Anand’s delivery of workshop was engaging and entertaining. He greatly motivated my Sales team with his international experience to perform at the peak. He is powerful speaker that also gels with his vast corporate experience.