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Anand Munshi is one of the top Life Coaches in India, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore & Pune. He provides Life Coaching Training and Certification to individual and corporate leaders.
Anand Munshi Online Executive Coaching Topics are aimed at reviving broken relationships, re-gain financial independence, develop self-confidence and leading physical well-being – striking right place of personal and professional success.

Benefits of Anand Munshi's Online Executive Coaching
  • In his Online Executive Coaching Courses, Anand Munshi provides simple and proven methods to overcome FEAR, DEPRESSION AND CHRONIC ANXIETIES.
  • Anand Munshi in his Online Executive Coaching Certification Programs provides newer and better perspective to lead business and make more future friendly decisions.
  • Anand Munshi's Online Executive Coaching Session is one of the most exhaustive coaching sessions in India, customized for individual and leaders of organizations.
  • His Online Executive Coaching Session are filled with wisdom from Mindfulness, Spirituality, Corporate Best Practices. All sessions are conducted either Face-To-Face or Online, keeping maintaining the privacy.

Anand Munshi is executive coach. He provides Personalized Coaching in India to top industrialist, businessmen and to the people who constantly look for better ways to improve their productivity. Anand Munshi’s customized executive Coaching is available in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, New Delhi.

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Years Experience

International Corporate Experience in Multiple Sectors Dealing with Leaders of Fortune 500 Companies.

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We take immense pleasure in working closely with Real Life Business Challenges to assist leaders.

Stake Holder Management

Time Management & Freedom

Develop Interpersonal Skills

Managing Expectations Mismatch

Learn to be Team Player

Managing Stress & Peer Pressure

Making you a Peak Performer in your chosen field

Helps you Set & Get Meaningful Goals

Constructively channelize your emotional energy

Online Executive Coaching Training with Industry Experts

WE at Anand Munshi take pride in associating giving Life Coaching Certification with some of the best industry experts in their field. It helps us in designing customized and proven techniques to meet needs of leaders. Our Life Coaching Training is Futuristic, working closely with organization to make future-friendly products and services. Our Life Coaching Certification is based on rigorous methods to pick the multi-dimensional aspect mindfulness, spirituality and corporate best practices to bring desired change in their lives.  

Be it a CEO of a large organization looking to gain work-life balance or a software professional trying to get his next promotion or a housewife working to get back to main stream of work or a young student overcoming distractions of life, Anand Munshi through his Life Coaching sessions has closely worked with people from every walk of life and prepared them to gain better control of their personal, professional and financial freedom.

We are happy to associated with some of the most reputed names in the industry in the field of technology and information technology. Some of our client for Life Coaching are Infosys, Wipro, SIEMENS, Microsoft and Google. 


Benefits of Executive Coaching

To display best of their abilities as a independeant decision makers in both personal and professional lives.

Making leaders understand that they often need to deal with conflicting priorities so hence need to learn the act of balancing

How to grapple with the personal, family and work issues, when under pressure

Find alternative ways to deal with situations when things are not going in their favor

Most business leaders don’t have the time or desire to have to deal with the fallout that comes from decisions made in haste. Executive coaching keeps you focused and strategic. You can achieve your goals faster, avoid time-consuming mistakes and spend more time on your big picture vision for your company.

After you get clear on the goals you need to achieve, an executive coach will hold you accountable with a step-by-step plan and deadlines. A good coach isn’t going to accept excuses either. He or she will hold your feet to the fire, and you’ll thank them for it every step of the way.

We all have blind spots and the only way to “see them” is when we have someone in our life pointing them out to us. Your staff isn’t going to do it, and your friends and loved ones may not see what you’re hitting up against in business. But a good executive coach is trained to see what you’re missing so you can make better, more informed decisions.

Diverse perspectives are critical in helping you become a more effective, well-rounded leader. Listen to your executive coach without interrupting or thinking what you’re going to say next. Take in the feedback and sit with it. If you’re fortunate enough to also be part of a CEO peer advisory group, listen to what your group members have to say as well. You’ll be surprised at the possibilities that can open up and the solutions that you may have never considered.

Just by having a fixed time on your calendar every week or month to tackle your biggest challenges and opportunities with your executive coach, you’re already ahead of the game. During this dedicated time, your coach will help you step out of the day-to-day emergencies and get clear on your priorities, address the issues that are holding you back and move your business forward in the direction of your dreams — instead of spinning your wheels on the same kinds of issues over and over.

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Anand Munshi is a Executive & Life Coach known to bring turn-around in individuals and organizations through personal & professional effectiveness.

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Anand Munshi is top rated Motivational Speakers & Futurist Keynote Speaker in India, Mumbai. He transformed Corporate Leaders into Peak Performers.


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Our Client's Success Stories

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We planned an outdoor team bonding and motivation session with Mr. Anand Munshi for our sales and vendor team. He did fantastic task of clubbing the team into one unit in short span of time. My team especially loved his Business Simulation Activity. The whole session was electric and all members of the team were fully engaged. We’re very happy to and look forward for many more sessions.

Nitin Yadavat Director, Kaeser, India.
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I was keen in having a new energy and direction for my team and Mr. Anand Munshi delivered a half day seminar on Mindfulness on Sustained Human Empowerment & Business Transformation. The session was filled with interactive activities and Mr. Anand Munshi made the whole session experiential learning for all of us. I would rank Anand Munshi as one of the leading

Geetha Muralidhar CEO & BoD, ECGC.
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Our annual outdoor event for whole leadership team with Mr. Anand Munshi gave key messages on changing perspective of leadership for Next-Gen business. It was highly engaging and entertaining session. No wonder Anand Munshi is India’s best and number one rated Motivational Speaker The team especially like his futurist approach to join the current events to define future patterns. Great session indeed.

Sanjeev Nautiyal MD & CEO, SBI Life.
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Our staff attended two days Corporate Training with Mr. Anand Munshi. The whole session was based on latest findings in the field of Customer Centricity & Innovation. We all loved his style to put complex thing with simple language and apt use of pedagogy to put the point across to all people in the group. I must say, his session was filled with humor and entertaining without any boring bits of gyan.

Mahabir Sahu GM, Parle G

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Corporate Training India. Anand Munshi provides Customized & World Class Corporate Training Services in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore & Hyderabad. He work closely with Leaders of Organization to design transforming learning experience on the topics of Sales, Team Bonding, Soft Skills and Strategic Thinking & Leadership Transformation. FutureWise - Anand Munshi is the founder of Corporate Training Company in Mumbai. He conducts Online Corporate Training and classroom training in India Mumbai, Pune to Fortune 500 companies like Google, Microsoft, INGRAM etc.
Fire Walk | Walking On Fire | Fire Walk Training in Mumbai and Pune Are you looking to motivate your sales team or overcome inner fear ? Take first step by designing a customized training with us. Join Anand Munshi’s Fire Walk Training in Mumbai and Pune take their productivity to the next level. Fire Walk training builds strong self-image by overthrowing deep seated limitations. Walking on Fire training emphasis on taking decisions to bring BIG Success in life of individuals. Please contact us to arrange a similar life changing training experience for your team.