New Leadership Fitness Mantra – Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is new fitness mantra. Living in present brings with it lot more opportunities to grow and remain happy. It is said that an average human being approximately have 40,000 to 50,000 thoughts per day that means nearly one thought every two seconds.

We generating more information every second day than what we took 2000 years to generate since the time of Jesus Christ. We generate enough tweets every day that is enough to make a book of 10 million A4 size pages and of course around 8000 books of War & Peace. There is nothing what we call as information scarcity but challenge we got now is transformation necessity.

Here are 5 simple tips to make you successful just with your right choice of thoughts you focus on. It automatically translates into you becoming super effective by building impactful and charismatic in your actions. Again, your shear choice of quality of focus is going to be instrumental to become productive in your personal and professional life.

1. The key to success is not just focus but also on what not to focus. In this information flood quickly identify what doesn’t make sense to you and swiftly move to things that make sense.

2. What made lot of sense to you yesterday may not do today as things around you have already changed with tremendous pace. No harm in constantly re-calibrating and changing your priorities. Make sure your focus always remain meaningful.

3. Understand you cannot do everything. Also understand, no matter what you do, that there will be someone in your own field of expertise who’ll always be better than you. Keep learning from them and minimize the gaps.

4. Don’t be just an information desk overflowing of repeated, valueless, redundant and non-relevant information. Learn to use parallel streams of information around you to draw inferences which others have constantly failed. Act as a bridge to suggest practical applications and add value to people and businesses. You ability to synthesize and simulate thought provoking discussions will make you thought leader to predict future. It is is going to be vital for next generation leaders.

5. Not all information is going to bring transformation. Learn to categorize it. Unless you develop required acumen to put context to the huge data it’ll never become information to bring desired transformation.