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Life Coach India – Anand Munshi. Through his Life Coaching Sessions he help people to strike right balance between money, health and their relationship issues. Anand Munshi as a Life Coach in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune & India, provides Life Coaching to people to overcome fear of failures, manage stress and re-build broken relationships. Anand Munshi’s Life Coaching session are interactive, filled with practical tips and proven methods to lead a meaningful life.

Anand Munshi is one of the top Life Coaches in India, Mumbai,
Delhi, Bangalore & Pune with over two decades of experience. He provides Life Coaching Training and Certification to individual and corporate leaders. Anand Munshi Life Coaching Topics are aimed at reviving broken relationships, re-gain financial independence, develop self-confidence and leading physical well-being – striking right place of personal and professional success. Contact us for confidential discussion to bring transformation in your life.

Anand Munshi is celebrity life coach. He provides Personalized Life Coaching in India to top industrialist and businessmen. As a Depression Counsellor he gives effective techniques to lead positive life. He is a Relationship Counsellor in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, New Delhi. 

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Online Life Coach in India

  • Online Life Coach in Mumbai Anand works with people from different walks of life and helps them to define and refine their goals to lead happy and meaningful life.
  • As a Online Life Coach in Pune he conducts various Life Coaching session based on consultative approach to strike right balance of money, health and relationships by setting right priorities.
  • As a Depression Counsellor in Pune, Anand Munshi provides simple and proven methods to overcome Depression and Anxiety.
  • Anand Munshi in his Online Life Coaching Certification Programs provides newer and better perspective to live their life as more people are grappling with the life issues.
  • Anand Munshi's Life Coaching is one of the most exhaustive life coaching sessions in India, customized for individual and leaders of organizations.
  • His Life Coaching Session are filled with wisdom from Mindfulness, Spirituality, Corporate Best Practices. All sessions are conducted Face-To-Face or either Online, keeping maintaining the privacy.

Anand Munshi is celebrity life coach. He provides Personalized Life Coaching in India to top industrialist and businessmen. As a Depression Counsellor he gives effective techniques to lead positive life. He is a Relationship Counsellor in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, New Delhi.

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Why Choose Anand

Anand Munshi as a Life Coach in India assists people from different walks of life to define and refine their goals to lead a happy and meaningful life. 

He conducts Offline and Online Life Coaching Sessions that aim to strike the right balance of money, health, and relationships by setting the right priorities. 

As a Marriage Counsellor in Mumbai Pune, Anand Munshi provides simple, effective, and proven methods to repair broken relationships and lead a happy and meaningful life. 

As a Counsellor for Depression in Mumbai and Pune Anand Munshi provides Online Life Coaching Sessions filled with the wisdom of Mindfulness & Spirituality; practical tips to face real-life issues.


Improve Broken Relationships & Lead Happy Life

Overcome Time Crunch & Gain Financial Freedom

Overcoming Fear & Build Confidence

Managing Expectations Gaps & Building Strong Relationship Bond

Learn to Work in Team & Improve Interpersonal Relationship

Managing Stress & Peer Pressure in Personal Life

Making you a Peak Performer in your chosen field

Helps you Set & Get Meaningful Goals

Constructively channelize your emotional energy

Life Coaching Certification with Industry Experts​

WE at Anand Munshi take pride in associating giving Life Coaching Certification with some of the best industry experts in their field. It helps us in designing customized and proven techniques to meet needs of leaders. Our Life Coaching Training is Futuristic, working closely with organization to make future-friendly products and services. Our Life Coaching Certification is based on rigorous methods to pick the multi-dimensional aspect mindfulness, spirituality and corporate best practices to bring desired change in their lives.  

Are you having problems in your relationships and looking for an Experienced Counsellor in Pune, Mumbai India to assist you in reviving your life and striking the right balance of health, happiness and money? Anand Munshi is India’s Leading Life Coach giving counselling in overcoming depression and anxiety. The world is increasing getting unpredictable filled with complexities that causes unnecessary stress – be it a CEO looking to gain work-life balance or a normal businessman trying to make his business profitable or a housewife returning to main stream or a young student looking for a first job, Anand Munshi through his Counselling Life Coaching sessions gives simple and effective techniques to gain better control in their life to get desired results.



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We planned an outdoor team bonding and motivation session with Mr. Anand Munshi for our sales and vendor team. He did fantastic task of clubbing the team into one unit in short span of time. My team especially loved his Business Simulation Activity. The whole session was electric and all members of the team were fully engaged. We’re very happy to and look forward for many more sessions.

Nitin Yadavat Director, Kaeser, India.
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I was keen in having a new energy and direction for my team and Mr. Anand Munshi delivered a half day seminar on Mindfulness on Sustained Human Empowerment & Business Transformation. The session was filled with interactive activities and Mr. Anand Munshi made the whole session experiential learning for all of us. I would rank Anand Munshi as one of the leading

Geetha Muralidhar CEO & BoD, ECGC.
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Our annual outdoor event for whole leadership team with Mr. Anand Munshi gave key messages on changing perspective of leadership for Next-Gen business. It was highly engaging and entertaining session. No wonder Anand Munshi is India’s best and number one rated Motivational Speaker The team especially like his futurist approach to join the current events to define future patterns. Great session indeed.

Sanjeev Nautiyal MD & CEO, SBI Life.
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Our staff attended two days Corporate Training with Mr. Anand Munshi. The whole session was based on latest findings in the field of Customer Centricity & Innovation. We all loved his style to put complex thing with simple language and apt use of pedagogy to put the point across to all people in the group. I must say, his session was filled with humor and entertaining without any boring bits of gyan.

Mahabir Sahu GM, Parle G

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Corporate Training India. Anand Munshi provides Customized & World Class Corporate Training Services in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore & Hyderabad. He work closely with Leaders of Organization to design transforming learning experience on the topics of Sales, Team Bonding, Soft Skills and Strategic Thinking & Leadership Transformation. FutureWise - Anand Munshi is the founder of Corporate Training Company in Mumbai. He conducts Online Corporate Training and classroom training in India Mumbai, Pune to Fortune 500 companies like Google, Microsoft, INGRAM etc.
Fire Walk | Walking On Fire | Fire Walk Training in Mumbai and Pune Are you looking to motivate your sales team or overcome inner fear ? Take first step by designing a customized training with us. Join Anand Munshi’s Fire Walk Training in Mumbai and Pune take their productivity to the next level. Fire Walk training builds strong self-image by overthrowing deep seated limitations. Walking on Fire training emphasis on taking decisions to bring BIG Success in life of individuals. Please contact us to arrange a similar life changing training experience for your team.