How to convert all your wonderful ideas into great business actions

Anyone who ever had shower will also have an idea for sure but that does let to creation of another Google like multi billion dollar business on it? No matter how great your business idea is, you first need to successfully sell it to yourself and then start selling to others.

Charles Darwin for example, took good ten years to convince himself first that men evolved from monkey before he started proclaiming this strange idea to others. He himself drafted tough questions to challenge his own hypothesis and looked for convincing answers. Before your weak ideation get easily thrown away from so called realistic and doubtful minds you must have strong reasons to believe in the power of your own thoughts and then build great business around it.

Once you got convinced now make your great idea compelling and beautiful enough – something that you cannot leave without it. Unless you develop strong attraction towards your own idea even the brightest thought and the greatest opportunity could not take off due to poor conditioning. But once equipped with clear vision you automatically develop commitment to convert your ideas into reality. You also automatically gain required resources followed by flawless execution as you are inherently convinced about its success and value.

Now you have unshakable courage to face any challenges and patiently converge all energy to win it. That’s how company like Apple, Google are made. So what is your idea whose whose time has come?