Get connected to your own abundant source of Positivity to leave Mediocrity & Achieve BIG

It is not easy to leave something that you’re used to – leaving comfort zone is difficult because it exposes you to new world of uncertainties and makes you addressed unaddressed internal and external challenges. But why, some are more comfortable than others in becoming uncomfortable to leave their comfort zone? What drives them and where they source their extra energy to fuel “extra-ordinary” ambition?

There was no real need for the risk-takers who were living comfortably but chose to travel less travelled path and set examples for others. Be it Gandhi, Martin Luther King or Mandela. The question now is – what is the vital source of their positivity that makes them glued, unwavering to their goals for decades.

The single most important of source of positive energy comes from unshakable conviction. It turn their goals into beautiful and compelling dreams where they don’t mind undergoing trivial inconvenience which others in absence of such conviction looks gigantic and become a true show stopper. We all have heard dozens and dozens of times the famous inspiration story of Thomas Edison who failed thousands of times to invent light bulb but few would know that the only reason he didn’t give up and patiently continued to achieve his goal because he make his goal compelling beautiful that no amount of hardship could stop him. What is your beautiful and compelling goal that fuels your actions?