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Anand Munshi is Global Futurist Keynote Speaker in the US, UK, India, Dubai, Hong Kong, Australia on the topics of Global Socio-Economic Patterns, Innovation Impact on Customer Behavior and Business Opportunities. 

Anand Munshi is a Leading Futurist Keynote Speaker in Germany, Thailand, Malaysia, Europe, the Middle East, Oman, Qatar, Saudia Arabia, France & Italy Fortune 500 company to Future Friendly Organizations and build High Performing Teams through cohesive culture. 

Best-selling Author on Peak Performance, a and TED Speaker, and a Columnist; Anand is known to conduct Engaging, Empowering & Thought Provoking Sessions. 

In the last Twenty-Two years, he has conducted hundreds of sessions in India, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, and Hong Kong for the industry sector including IT, Banking & Finance, Manufacturing, Education, Pharmaceutical, Government, and Technology. 

When it comes to engaging the entry-level or empowering the CXOs through leadership coaching, Anand Munshi is Leadership Keynote Speaker on Diversity & Inclusion with his wide exposure and proven methodology.

A Leadership Author & Futurist known to bring turn-around in individuals and organizations through personal effectiveness to excel during changes.

Global Futurist - Anand Munshi

Global Futurist Speaker in the US, UK, Europe, Australia, India

Anand Munshi Futuristic Keynote Speaker

Why a Futurist?

The future is not what it used to be. We’re living in a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity)  World. As a futurist, my goal is to expand our understanding of the future. and how to dominate the opportunities. Every day, thousands of emerging technologies emerge, thousands of researchers make new discoveries, and thousands of new trends start to reveal themselves. The challenges are immense and the options are countless. As we move down the path of advancing technology, our relationship with the future has never been clearer, making this both the most exciting and scariest time to be alive, in all human history. 

Definitely without doubt. We live in present and there is a constant battle being waged over the needs of the present vs. the needs of the future. Naturally the future cannot be our only priority otherwise, we lose our ability to function in the present. Near-term issues invariably take precedent over long-term potential; yet, our ability to prioritize importance is directly tied to our vision of the future. Still, it is our vision of the future that determines our actions today.

I use this phrase a lot: “The future creates the present!” Yes, this is just the opposite of what most people think. They believe the work we’re doing today will automatically create the future, but from a little different perspective, it is the images of the future that we hold in our head that determines the decisions we’ll make today. 

“In visual futurism, the line between total fantasy and futuristic is a thread of reality.” 

Thinking like a futurist!

Question your own history – Our legacy and current strategic planning provides an important reference point, however we should aim to rewrite your assumptions and consider the impact of the decisions you make today;

Practice curiosity and be courageous –  Embrace new and challenging ideas and share your thoughts and concerns in lively discussions. Also, listen carefully to the arguments and perspectives of others at the same time;

Get comfortable with ambiguity and multiple perspectives –  Organizations have as many futures as employees multiplied by the number of interactions they have over time internally, and externally with partners and customers. We have to consider all of these and understand that our futures are plural

Suspend judgment – Be aware of prejudgments and cognitive bias as they will lead you to drawing conclusions or making judgments ahead of exploring futures, Especially avoid terms like ‘that will never happen’ and ‘this is a fad’;

Be (wildly) creative –  Work fast in small teams and write down as many signals, trends and ideas of our futures as possible. Don’t discount any ideas presented. Discuss and remix them with the work your colleagues and partners have also undertaken.

Look for ‘pockets of the future’ in the present – Look for those organizations and researchers being wildly creative with their views on where we are going as a society. Also, look to the works presented by speculative designers, poets, philosophers, writers, musicians, counter-culture creators, and listen to children’s naive ideas. 

Embrace the long-view – Much of the work we do focuses on the next 5, 10, and 20+ years. However, when you start thinking of 50, 100, 200, 500+ years then everything is on the table for change. 

Focus on the non zero sum game – In game theory, this is a situation in which the rewards / benefits and costs / effects experienced by all players do not balance (i.e., they add up to less than or more than zero). In these situations, one player’s – or, country’s, organization’s, community’s – gain is not necessarily another player’s loss.

Be careful when ‘predicting the future’ – In the foresight community there is rigorous debate that being a futurist is not about prediction. Predictions pre-determine a biased outcome and are limiting (see ‘judgment’ above). We speculate with the expectation that futures we design today are malleable and will change over time. 

Keynote Speaker in India - Anand Munshi

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Global Futurist Speaker - Trend Forecasting Report

We at Anand Munshi do analysis of the dominant trends that are shaping within your industry and impact of other industries. On a micro level we try understand different parameters affecting growth, innovation and customer retention in your domain. Our reports are customized and addresses hidden patterns that are sure to impact your offerings. 

Trend Forecasting is the process of researching and formulating predictions on consumers future buying habits. By identifying the source, tracing the evolution, and recognising patterns of trends, forecasters are able to provide designers and brands with a ‘vision’ of the future.

Global Futurist Speaker - Analysis & Predictions of Trends & Patterns

It is our primary job to timely identify the defining trends that is shaping the industry, be it change in customer behavior of competitor strategic change in offering or what talent in the market will be in much demand. We analyze and predict the trends so that business can take timely and decisive actions. 

Trend analysis is a technique used in technical analysis that attempts to predict future stock price movements based on recently observed trend data. Trend analysis uses historical data, such as price movements and trade volume, to forecast the long-term direction of market sentiment.

Global Futurist Speaker - Next Innovation is From Customer Experience

Leading businesses all over the world now focusing on impact of Effective Customer Experience in their End-To-End dealing. Our prediction highlights seven different areas where quality customer interaction can play critical role in improving customer retention, positioning of new products and services, understanding revenue leakage and identifying various aspects that leads to poor customer experience and loss of revenue and reputation.  

In the always-evolving world of mobile, social media and never-ending customer expectations, deriving brand equity by simply getting the basics right isn’t enough. You need to “out-innovate” the competition so that the customers keep returning to you. We can only do this through constant customer experience, or CX, innovation.


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Anand Munshi is top rated Global Futurist Keynote Speaker in the US, UK, Europe, Australia, Dubai, Hong Kong, Thailand, Nepal, Oman, Sharjah, Qatar. He has unparalleled vision to spot opportunities for growth and excellence in personal and professional life, his international exposure of Fortune 500 corporations like Telstra, Vodafone, Accenture and diverse knowledge in Engineering, Management Thinking & Information Technology make Anand Munshi much sought after Executive Coach in India for Senior Leadership Team in various MNCs.

Anand Munshi is a undisputed Thought Leader & True Futurist who draws parallels in spotting defining upcoming trends. Leading Keynote Speaker in India, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Kolkata & Gurgaon. Anand Munshi is top rated Global Futurist Keynote Speaker in the US, UK, Europe, Australia, Dubai, Hong Kong, Thailand, Nepal, Oman, Sharjah, QatarHis international corporate exposure, wide education and ability to quickly offer solution has been instrumental in transforming dozens of organizations and thousands of individuals to lead a meaningful life.

Hindi Motivational Speakers in India – Anand Munshi. He is one of the top rated motivational speakers in Hindi in India for Sales, Motivation, Employee Team Building in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata & Hyderabad.

A Life Coach columnist for leading Hindi Newspapers; his articles are read by over 20 million readers every day. Anand Munshi regularly get invited as Hindi Motivational Speaker in India in Delhi, Mumbai, Indore, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and many more cities.

Anand Munshi is Student Motivational Speaker in India. He guides students in professional colleges on Academic Excellence and Right Career Choices for students in professional colleges Engineering, MBA. His sessions are mesmerizing – give rich exposure to world’s best practices from corporate world, in-depth spiritual insights and grounded techniques on relationships for people from all walks of life.

Anand Munshi is one of the top rated TEDx & Motivational Speakers in India, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata & Delhi NCR. He transformed Corporate Leaders into Peak Performers with Growth Mindset. Through his Engaging, Empowering and Transforming session he breeds Disruptive Innovation, Employee Empowerment and Sales Effectiveness. A Leadership Author & Futurist known to bring turn-around in individuals and organizations through personal effectiveness.

Anand is Motivational Speakers in Bangalore to various IT companies. He conducts Entrepreneurship & Innovation workshop Future_preneurship in Delhi NCR to one of the top MNCs from Germany. He add lot of value by bringing real-life experience in his talks to make session lively and engaging. Motivational Seminar on Thought Leadership in Chennai. After few successful sessions Anand Munshi is now one of Leading Motivational Speakers in Chennai.

He conducts corporate events on Team Building and Employee Engagement & Motivation that compliment with the strategic direction of the organization. He also consults business on developing competitive edge for the growing competition of the future. He has years of research, studying best sales techniques in various products and industries. Anand Munshi as a Motivational Speaker in Raipur delivers self-framed modules to train participants through various tailored made Employee Empowerment Programs to transform them into a true asset to the company.

Anand Munshi’s with its internationally acclaimed and custom-designed offerings now provide Business Consulting along with Employee Engagement, a unique combined solutions keeping an eye on the growing requirements of holistic design with changing times to bring tangible and value-added services.

Anand Munshi as one of the top rated Motivational Speakers in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Nepal, Dubai and other countries also conducts session on Leadership Coaching, Employee Empowerment, Peak Performance and Innovation.

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Anand Munshi is a Executive & Life Coach known to bring turn-around in individuals and organizations through personal & professional effectiveness.

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Anand Munshi is top rated Motivational Speakers & Futurist Keynote Speaker in India, Mumbai. He transformed Corporate Leaders into Peak Performers.

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We planned an outdoor team bonding and motivation session with Mr. Anand Munshi for our sales and vendor team. He did fantastic task of clubbing the team into one unit in short span of time. My team especially loved his Business Simulation Activity. The whole session was electric and all members of the team were fully engaged. We’re very happy to and look forward for many more sessions.

Nitin Yadavat Director, Kaeser, India.
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I was keen in having a new energy and direction for my team and Mr. Anand Munshi delivered a half day seminar on Mindfulness on Sustained Human Empowerment & Business Transformation. The session was filled with interactive activities and Mr. Anand Munshi made the whole session experiential learning for all of us. I would rank Anand Munshi as one of the leading

Geetha Muralidhar CEO & BoD, ECGC.
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Our annual outdoor event for whole leadership team with Mr. Anand Munshi gave key messages on changing perspective of leadership for Next-Gen business. It was highly engaging and entertaining session. No wonder Anand Munshi is India’s best and number one rated Motivational Speaker The team especially like his futurist approach to join the current events to define future patterns. Great session indeed.

Sanjeev Nautiyal MD & CEO, SBI Life.
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Our staff attended two days Corporate Training with Mr. Anand Munshi. The whole session was based on latest findings in the field of Customer Centricity & Innovation. We all loved his style to put complex thing with simple language and apt use of pedagogy to put the point across to all people in the group. I must say, his session was filled with humor and entertaining without any boring bits of gyan.

Mahabir Sahu GM, Parle G

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Corporate Training India. Anand Munshi provides Customized & World Class Corporate Training Services in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore & Hyderabad. He work closely with Leaders of Organization to design transforming learning experience on the topics of Sales, Team Bonding, Soft Skills and Strategic Thinking & Leadership Transformation. FutureWise - Anand Munshi is the founder of Corporate Training Company in Mumbai. He conducts Online Corporate Training and classroom training in India Mumbai, Pune to Fortune 500 companies like Google, Microsoft, INGRAM etc.
Fire Walk | Walking On Fire | Fire Walk Training in Mumbai and Pune Are you looking to motivate your sales team or overcome inner fear ? Take first step by designing a customized training with us. Join Anand Munshi’s Fire Walk Training in Mumbai and Pune take their productivity to the next level. Fire Walk training builds strong self-image by overthrowing deep seated limitations. Walking on Fire training emphasis on taking decisions to bring BIG Success in life of individuals. Please contact us to arrange a similar life changing training experience for your team.