Effective Parenting Seminar @ Loyola High School: The foundation stone for Big Success in Life


You’re invited to attend seminar on Effective Parenting at Loyola High School, Pune by Mr. Anand Munshi. He is India’s leading Motivational Speaker and Life Coach. Please click here to fill the form and share your expectations from the seminar. It helps us to understand your challenges more closely. Anand provides simple yet powerful solutions – assisting your child to lead a meaningful life.

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DATE: Wednesday, 20th Sep 2017.
TIMINGS: 9am to 10am

Parenting – is it impressive art or a dominating science? Well, parenting is one of the most important and responsibility that we all have towards our children. It is our unique gift to the society that we largely give in the form of responsible and value-driven generation – filled with optimism and community feeling of sharing and care for each other. While the role and influence of parenting in creating conductive societies is been discussed for centuries here we just need few minutes of your time to understand your key expectations from the session.