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Anand Munshi - Career Counselling & Life Coaching Bookings

FIRST TIME IN BURHANPUR! Career Counselling & Life Coaching Sessions!

Life of students in India is going to get more difficult especially due to tough competition and stress of society and even parents! Is your child confident to face harsh realities of cut-throat competition? Proper Career Counselling & Life Coaching is helping lakhs of students achieve their academic and life goals. The good news is FIRST TIME in BURHANPUR Mr. Anand Munshi is conducting personalized Career Counselling & Life Coaching Session. Anand-Munshi-Click-Here-To-Book-Career-Counselling-Life-Coaching-Sessions As far as success in academic field is concerned or cracking of competitive exams, India is the worst place in the world. Now, the level of competition, especially in IIT and other reputed medical entrance exams has reached all time high that only one student out of 300 is getting selected – which is even tougher than getting selected in Stanford and Harvard. Anand-Munshi-Career-Life-Coaching
    • But unfortunately, most parents, instead of understanding their child’s natural talent and true potential they ruin their career by putting them into rat-race and forcing them to jump into a less informed decision, which they all suffer in the later stages of life. Instead of being friend to their child – encouraging them to fight growing competition and helping them to emerge winner – they unknowing engage in breaking their self-confidence with negative inputs, unfounded ambitions and meaningless comparisons.
    • It is important to have positive and supportive parents if we want our children to flourish in any field in their life including academic or competitive exams.
    • We’are happy to announce that Mr. Anand Munshi is going to provide one-on-one coaching to child and their parents to prepare them to do well in studies, profession or any other aspects of life. Every year he coaches hundreds of students to overcome their fear of failures and make them attain their dream goals.
    • Career-Life-Coaching-by-Anand-Munshi
This coaching will help in:
  • Choosing right career of their choice
  • Constantly make them feel motivated
  • Getting away from distraction of social media and growing age permanently.
This interaction is a result of over 20 years of research to understand the winning habits of successful people – this will surely help students to focus all their positive energy in reaching their personal and professional goals. Anand-Munshi-Career-Counselling-Life-Coaching-Booking-Sessions
  • We only have one dream and that is to fulfill the dreams of hundreds and thousands of young students to reach at the top of their true potential.
    • DATE: Saturday, 4th Jan 2019 – Sunday 5th Jan 2020.
    • Please click here to fill the small form and book your one hour slot. 

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