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Customers be Careful ! Free lunches are only traps.

During festive seasons companies come up with creative and sometimes even misleading ways to attract customers to buy their products. Because no matter what, people use happy occasions to buy new things and these smart companies take undue advantages by alluring them to become rich without any efforts.
One such method is to ask customers very simple questions and promise them to win heaps and heaps of prices. If winning big prices and becoming rich is so easy then most people would have become Bill Gates by now. Some companies even goes to the extent to promise you to win brand new car in exchange of your contact details!
Every company has got right to promote their products and services to attract customers to buy their products and there is nothing wrong in it. But when these companies uses questionable tactics and propagate wrong messages in society to trap simple and innocent mass is something that we should be worried about. How can you encourage people to work hard and become happy and rich when majority of companies is broadcasting contradicting messages.
No matter what, we as a society need to wake up and understand that there is no sure and short-cut way to become rich and successful. The people who without much thinking drop the coupon in the lucky draw to win car should think that some people unethically preying on their unfounded desires to become rich without deserving it.
Instead of no thinking and dreaming to become rich their focus should be on “Think and Grow Rich.” It’s never too late to think new and improve the quality of your thinking. Adopt the right philosophy that your mastery on your work because of years of ethical practice wins you dedicated and loyal customers to make you rich and successful. The big and successful companies that are market leaders for decades have focused on simple but strong philosophy to create products that keep on adding values to customers at affordable cost.

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