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Make your Business Future Ready with this simple but powerful technique

Make your Business Future Ready with this simple but powerful technique

Awareness of current market trends is the first step businessmen take to predict the future. But awareness alone is not enough. We need people to take timely actions on the acquired awareness. Awareness combined with action makes best use of current as well as all future opportunities.

For example, in spite of full awareness of the upcoming iPhone from Apple, Blackberry knowingly decided not to take any action and stick with its older version of success because of lack of conviction on emerging trends; possibly they fail to read a shift in customer’s behavior – wrongly judged defining mega trends as mini-trend that sets to die soon or may have limiting influence to a few selected people in a small geographical area. But they were wrong.

One of the biggest concerns all successful business people share today is their ability to read future demands of customer and how technology influence will shape it up. Because, the more accurate they are in their analysis, the more appropriate products and services they can position to serve the customer better. For a business person nothing is as unfortunate as having an opportunity but couldn’t make use of it because of lack of preparation. As they say; success is nothing but opportunity meets preparation.  

But how to read future? For that one first need to learn to read present well. As a future friendly business person you prime task is to correctly is to understand existing trends that is slowly but surely firming patterns for future. Now the only ability one need is to correctly and quickly identify relevant trends by listening more and create triggers in business big data to point change in set patterns.

All happy customers of today are telling one set of stories but all unhappy and churned customer are telling stories of the future. One cannot ignore shift in customer’s behavior, many established company did not they don’t even exist. Hence, change in customer behavior, newer and unmet demands that customer keep on throwing and cost-effectiveness of offering are three bigger areas to look to make yourself future-ready for your business.

Anand Munshi - Motivational Speaker & Leadership Coach in India

Anand Munshi – Futurist Speaker & Leadership Coach in India

Anand Munshi is Leading Motivational Speaker & Success Coach to Fortune 500 companies in India, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai & Pune. He is Leadership Coach, TEDx speaker and Hindi Motivational Speaker on Employee Motivation & Sales. A Corporate Trainer in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai & Bangalore to Fortune 500 companies and Internationally acclaimed Peak Performance Author of three bestselling books. Anand Munshi is Life Coach and his columns are read by over 20 million readers every day.

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