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Quality of efforts decide height of your success

If you sweat more in practice then you bleed less in battle. Prepared minds are most suited for success because they know how to convert opportunities into success stories.

We all are successful depends which definition of success we want to use. The single most important determinant of one’s quality of success is the quality of effort that is put consistently and relentlessly over a considerable period of time, not just for a day or week or month. You need to put years of practise and focus; frustrating slow progress before you gain excellence in your area of interest. Whatever you are looking for – transforming your business to reach 10X level of growth or getting the next big promotion on job that you waited for years or even improving your leadership presence to gain charismatic personality the height of success is totally depends on the quality of the efforts you ready to put in.

Here are four simple tips to improve the quality of your efforts:

Focus – Consistency – Priorities
Even a small effort when done consistently for long period with impeccable focus can move mountains. You can tremendously improve the impact of your efforts if you keep on doing things consistently, with focused mind and undeviating priorities.

Well Informed Actions
It doesn’t take much to get informed and learn better ways to complete tasks but make a huge difference in the long run. Whenever and wherever possible, take help, look out for experts and use their knowledge to sharpen your efforts and gain good results in lesser amount of time.

Identifying next best step
Sometimes not getting desired results makes us feel desperate and we get overwhelmed to learn new things faster to get quick results. In reality all we need is cool head over shoulders to take correct decisions based on priorities and merits. Be clear what one thing you want to achieve and channelize all your energy to attain that success.

Knowing your battle field and competitors
Success in competition is all about gaining comparative advantages. Have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, what are external constraints, what are your inner limitations and finally whom you’ll be competing with. This awareness plays an important role in shaping well-planned actions and how to bring minor but vital changes in your approach to win over other and gain unbeatable edge.

Anand Munshi

Anand Munshi - Motivational Speaker & Leadership Coach in India

Anand Munshi is Leading Motivational Speaker & Success Coach to Fortune 500 companies in India, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai & Pune. He is Leadership Coach, TEDx speaker and Hindi Motivational Speaker on Employee Motivation & Sales. A Corporate Trainer in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai & Bangalore to Fortune 500 companies and Internationally acclaimed Peak Performance Author of three bestselling books. Anand Munshi is Life Coach and his columns are read by over 20 million readers every day.

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