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This Girl from Small Town Got Secret of Super Success That Whole World Can Learn From 

Clarity of purpose and commitment is all it takes to achieve everything in life. Ujjawala a humble and shy girl from Nanded, a small town of Maharashtra, beat one of the toughest competitive exams of India and secured medical seat in prestigious JJ College in Mumbai. What makes her success even bigger is the unconditional support of her parents who themselves didn’t had great education career and who in spite of having a very simple background – far away from the glamour and glitter of the big cities emerged victorious.

Her father in his own words said “we never forced our daughter for anything special or extra-ordinary. She is ordinary girl but efforts to reach her goal made her extra-ordinary”. After talking to her anyone can make out that she herself is self-driven and disciplined girl. Initially, before the start of any journey, all we see is not success but sincerity of that person towards her chosen goal. It is vital for parents to have complete confidence on their child and trust on their effort to achieve their dreams.

Today, she is successful and have already written great story of beating fierce competition but her journey to reach her goal was not smooth. She had her share of frustration and at times even loss of confidence. But what kept her constantly motivated was her strong conviction on beauty of her own dreams that always encouraged her to find one single reason to rise above all her hopelessness. She overcome every frustration with even increased efforts – gave special focus to improve her weaker areas, constantly explored newer and better ways to manage time, learned smart tricks to manger exam pressure and always strives to do well among top students.

Easier said than done. No matter what your capabilities are but you are tested again and again even with bigger challenges, for Ujjawala it was not different. Her bigger challenges came in form of lack of bigger exposure to national level competition where she’s really going to win but just like any other battle she won this too when she got enrolled in Shambhavi Institute where she got all what it takes to learn habits of successful person.

Her simple but powerful success mantra can be summarized in one line – once you set your priorities and trust your inner voice, seeking support from experience teachers – success is something that you’ll eventually have.

Let’s join me to congraluate Ujjawal and her proud family and wish her all the best for future success !

– ANAND MUNSHI | Motivational Speaker & Success Coach

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