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From distance Zafar is just one other ordinary-looking vegetable seller but has got a fantastic quality of a businessman – gratitude towards customer for having his business. After I paid, he handed me vegetable bag and before I was ready to leave his shop he took few seconds out of his busy schedule and with big and sincere smile on his face said “thank you”. For a moment I felt magic in those two words. With these two words I immediately felt connected with him. What Apple, Google and other big companies dominating the world have in common? Is it really difficult to connect with your customers? Why well educated people even after spending years in business struggle to connect with their potential customers?

When I was around 8 years old, daily I was given exact change to get biscuits from a shop three blocks away from my house instead of buying it from a shop just next door. What was more puzzling for me was the same biscuits was also available at the exactly same price and also with lot of other varieties to choose from.

Obeying to our elders came naturally to us. Left with no option I have to reluctantly go walking every day, cursing my situation, as to why I have to do this extra work. But one day I took the courage to get this puzzle solved -”daddy please tell me why you want me to put this extra effort.” My father happily answered  “my dear son the owner of that big shop does not really care to serve us nor he need our business.” Surprised with his answer I interrupted, “why do you that?” To that my father replied that the owner of that big shop is busy selling his goods only he is not interested in building relationships. Since then I noticed that his dealing with customer is purely transactional – you pay the price and I provide you with the product, chapter closed. In this world of cut-throat competition do you really care for developing relationships where pricing only seems to governs major buying decisions? The market don’t care if you’re big or small, but you are a clear winner as long as you can give value for money with good relationships.

Look around and you will see that the businesses with long history of success are not necessarily one with cheap prices but were able to connect with customers in more meaningful way addressing their needs and respecting their values. They had the ability and desire to fulfil their needs – both emotional and financial, kept their trust and continuously build loyalty of their customers. Any yes they did all this with smile on their face.

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