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Finishing School – Student Orientation at IIMS by Anand Munshi

Finishing School – Paradigms for Peak Performance

Get ready to challenge all your boundaries and perform at the peak of your potential for ever !

You’re Invited! To attend India’s most Engaging & Empowering Orientation Session.

It takes someone very special to take a GIANT LEAP in life and turn their dreams into realities. We at like to invite you for a Finishing School Orientation session called – Paradigms for Peak Performance by Mr. Anand Munshi . No matter where you’re in the journey be it academic excellence or financial independence, the session promises to shake your old and meaningless your goals and empower you to reach the peak of your true potential. Please take a minute to fill the “Need Analysis” form to assist us in designing the relevant program for your growth. It just takes you a minute! Click here to fill the form.

Anand Munshi’s Institute is known to customize every offering of young professionals and bridge the expectations gap. It enables each participant to get the best out of the opportunities that comes on their way.

Apart from special technical knowledge, success is 360 degree phenomenon that requires students to have right mind-set and attitude, strong and positive self-image. Our session promises to give all around development to your personality and enable you to confidently navigate through different challenging stages of personal and professional life.

So once again here is the link to understand your needs and design the content accordingly.


Team, Anand Munshi
along with International Institute of Management Studies.

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