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Executive Coach in India – Anand Munshi.

Executive Coaching | Leadership Coach in India

Are you a leader?

Leadership is not your designation on business card, but it is the mindset you carry wherever you go and whatever you do. It the approach that makes you a better person and possibly a better leader.

Without doubt,  leadership is tough job – it requires lot of gusts to stand tall and say BIG no to the mediocrity and generate enough energy to persevere in the midst of  continuous failures till you create develop excellence in your products and services. The idea of pleasing everyone sounds tempting and popular but it easily takes you away from your main role and that is to create products and services that add real value to the life of customers.

Leadership is ability to quickly identify things that needs to be eliminated and retention of things are of high importance. It is all about being decisive to take strong actions that serves the needs of time.

Executive Coaching in India, Mumbai – Anand Munshi

Anand Munshi is Executive Coach to dozens of Corporate Executives in India – Mumbai. He uses self-developed and result focused, specially crafted methodologies to suit individual and organization’s needs. Starting from Bill Gates to Warren Buffet everyone welcomes good idea for personal and professional success.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt believe that everyone needs a coach!!! Eric Schmidt says “The one thing people are never good at is see them as others see them. A coach really-really helps.”Life coaching in essence essentially a series of well informed and powerful steps that one take to lead a life of choice. Life Coaching is gives best of the opportunity for growth.

Executive Coaching - Leadership Coach in India Anand Munshi

Executive Coaching – Leadership Coach in India Anand Munshi

Executive Coach in Pune – Anand Munshi

With the competitiveness getting to higher level, there is urgent and important need among people to deal with their personal and professional problems. Anand conducted hundreds of personal and group coaching session in Pune to bring required transformation in their lives.

Benefits of Executive Coaching in Corporate & Executive Leadership

  1. Better perspective – Executive coaching gives you a better perspective to the existing problems and enables you to give solution for the “blind spot” that you never thought was possible to see and solve.
  2. Clear Vision – Executive coaching is all about asking the ‘right questions’ instead of trying to give answers to every problem. It makes one goals clearer and make one take concrete steps to achieve it.
  3. Borrow a Brain – Executive coaching is all about getting one more brain to work with towards your personal and professional success
  4. Confidence & Courage – Proven techniques and methods helps in building self-esteem to reach bigger and better opportunities.

Why Anand Munshi as Executive Coach

Anand is Peak Performance Author and Motivational Speaker to over dozens of organization in India and abroad. He catalyze the process of brainstorming and generate healthy ideas based on positive energy which are easy to validate and it’s impact can easily be easily acknowledged.

Just like each person is different and hence personality and its solution. He provides tailored solutions keeping in mind the exact nature of situation.

A true Thought Leader, Management Guru & Peak Performance Expert

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