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5 Simple ways to become Super Productive at Workplace

5 Simple ways to become Super Productive at Workplace


Billions of dollars unfortunately are wasted every year due to inefficient workforce, disengaged employees – having undisciplined working life style. Multiple coffee breaks extended lunch hours gossiping etc. all leads to unproductive employees. Under these distractions and lack of priority it is getting increasing difficult to improve productivity at work place.

Here are 5 simple ways to tremendously improve employee’s productivity:

  1. Clear Commitment: Employee without commitment show up at workplace but not necessarily for work. It is a just a means to earn money. Unless employee get committed towards work and add value to the business there is no way to become productive, forget being super productive. All employees irrespective of their experience their main focus should be to use their talents and skills for revenue growth, profitability and customer satisfaction.
  1. Setting meaningful Goals: It is much easy for employees with meaningful goals to immediately turn them into more productive workforce. They actively look for more challenging and rewarding roles and easily get aligned with organizational goals due to high positive energy available.
  1. Continuous Learning: One of the prominent reasons for lower employee productivity is employees are not trained on current knowledge needs. They are not willing to take extra efforts to bring newer development and hence find they increasing becoming unproductive and disengaged. How one can hope to run today’s business with yesterday’s out of date knowledge. Please understand all skills has got shelf life and unless employees don’t enroll to keep on improving their knowledge base they are constantly running risk of being out of business; even risking their job.
  1. Working in Team: Big organization means working on big projects involving big teams with different talents, geographical location, mindset and even temperament. Once ability to gel and contribute in a team environment becomes very important to become productive and remain integral part of team. Thousands of men hours go waste every year in conflict resolution and endlessly collaborating to fine-tune their so called high performing teams. Take initiative to offer support to a struggling team member and the same time don’t feel shy to ask for help when required.
  1. High Value System: Working with love, pride and integrity keep you bonded with people and organization wherever you go. Employee with transparent dealing gain respect and influence – they generate fleet of high performing people as they easily win trust of their colleagues and employee feel protected to work in their direction. It is leader’s responsibility to set high standards of professional ethics as it easily percolates to all levels in the organization.

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