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Four invisible traps that stop even super-successful people

Four invisible traps that stop even super-successful people

Success is consistently getting desired outcomes for your efforts. As your focus on improving quality of your efforts improves you start to get bigger and better results.

Successful people as compared with others quickly develop habits to improve their previous best but every now and then, these same successful people instead of showing excellence in their area they succumb to mediocrity as they fail to revamp their success roadmaps. Thus they slowly exhaust all avenues for growth and expansion.

Here are four invisible but powerful traps if not avoided will permanently paralyses all possible growth in personal and professional life.

Re-churning same knowledge: Knowledge gives power but one also needs to keep on improving it to maintain the edge. Outdated knowledge quickly loses meaning and hence relevance. It stops adding value to anyone and acts like a dead weight – creating obstacles in the journey of success. One need to explore more, learn newer things and provide creative and innovative ways to add value to the life of other people.

Confused about success mix: Success doesn’t comes from just one thing but it is a mix of technical edge, strong team work, better marketing strategies, innovative solutions at cheaper price etc. Just like a good movie is a mix of good story, intense acting, soothing music, cinematography etc. As time changes the role of people, technology, price etc. too gets changed. One cannot lead in today’s world with yesterday’s success formula. More business goes out of business when they fail to get right success mix. Make sure you keep on revisiting your success mix and make sure they propel you to higher orbits.

Under-estimate Competition: Remember there are always people who are smarter and definitely hungrier than you to taste their first luck of success. And these same people don’t mind putting everything to become successful and dethrone you which once you did to someone else to rise. Develop strong sense of awareness; keep vigilant eye and track shift in customer’s preferences to quickly respond. Make sure you aspire to develop world’s best innovative product and services. Maintain strong interest to excel in your chosen filed to constantly beat upcoming competition and maintain your lead.

Misplaced Priorities: Sounds silly. But how a successful person at one time is now focusing at wrong place to get next level of growth? Some persistent but ignorant people keep on trying their luck at wrong place. With time, age and industry your priorities needs to be fine-tuned to remain progressive and competitive. There is no point remaining progressive without being competitive as competition ignites dormant talents. Remember even the best innovation of its time also needs timely renovations to keep on extending its shelf life. Every product or services when purchased is based on the value it provides but due to misplaced priorities we fail to understand and incorporate these expectations.

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