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Five symptoms of a mediocre life – check if you have one

Five symptoms of a mediocre life – check if you have one

Goals, small or big play important role in making your efforts productive and converting your activities into achievements. It bring sense direction and channelizes energy to attain meaningful outcome. But in spite of being blessed with rare talents and unquestionable knack of solving problems some people end up doing nothing and becoming absolutely nothing. Their every efforts turn out to be a failure as far as adding any value to themselves or to the people around them or the organization they work for. Why is it so?

Here are five popular traps that confine people into ordinary lifestyle forcing them to settle with mediocre success:

Miracle syndrome: No prey will ever walk into the lion’s mouth if it doesn’t leave its den and go out for hunt. All their talent remains dormant and never able see the light of the day just because they fail to create enough opportunities to use their talent. They wait forever to see the miracles happening for them which never happen. Hard work is the only key that opens gates for miracles and wonderful opportunities.

Self-Limiting Beliefs: These people live with compromised definition of success and learned to settle with meager results because they don’t have courage to think big, possibly due to previous negative conditioning. Nothing seems to work for them. They are permanently and negatively programmed. They cannot paint beautiful and bigger dreams. They are always doubtful of their potential and confused of end results. Large portion of their time is wasted in indecision and find genuine excuses why they should be happy with smaller success instead of improving their previous best.

Flickering Focus: They don’t have ability to hold on to their own dreams till it fully get translated into reality. Over a period of time they specialize in digging “only half-dug wells” where they might get normal success or no success because their aims and ambitions keeps on changing and hence they waste lots and lots of energy and leaving work without any sense of accomplishment.

Not yet ready syndrome: For them, no time is perfect. They either wait for economy to bounce back or partner to become more supportive or gain more financial stability. They keep on preparing for war without ever entering into arena. They observe for minute details to become favorable but never find right time and enough courage to take that jump into the most cherished project of their life.

Want Everything for Nothing: These people want the best in life without paying the right price. They always look for short-cuts and thus shy away from hard-work only in the name of smart work. They are busy manipulating things rather than taking things as it is and start putting required efforts to see desired changes.

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