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Reality of Artificial Intelligence in India

Reality of Artificial Intelligence in India

Facebook, probably the biggest investor to revive AI and possibly first to explore its power to further strengthen its targeted marketing to almost 20% of world’s population which is on Facebook is creating more problems than solving them.

With millions of pictures getting uploaded every hours and billions of messages exchanged every day, they are finding humanly impossible to churn the information and suggest correct product and services using their browsing habits. But again, the use of AI is what Facebook thought is correct and should be limited to them rather than well established and dominant trend in the world and especially in India.

India is world’s youngest country with 70% of population under 25 years of age. India produce more engineers every year than what US and China put together don’t create. It is a land rich in human intelligence and in the name of automation there is no real need to replace these working populations and deprive them of wonderful opportunity to use their brains.

It is the duty of government to provide required infrastructure and conducive environment for its young population coming out of education system to get decent job. And any initiate of government or organization, in India or from abroad that is not able to engage vast majority of human population – instead, trying to replace these human capital through increasingly centralizing human intelligence to emotionless AI has forgotten the basics of entrepreneurship and innovation – cost effective value addition to mass through masses.

Encouraging reckless use of AI as a way to get rid of expensive humans is grossly irresponsible behavior. Even to some extend giving excuse of error prone workforce is like hiding their lack of innovation zeal to please demanding shareholders. How all of a sudden human workforce became burden to the company which made it stand in the first place? Is there a growing shift of power towards stakeholders to increase profits and now humans becoming biggest bottleneck?

Since 2001 there is tremendous growth in mobile and telecommunication technology which has provided high profits but not as much in last five years. The innovation channel had highest profits also dried significantly – putting extra pressure on cost cutting to maintain profit margins thus finding ways to get rid of expensive human workforce.

From the organizational perspective even automation and increasing use of AI is an act of innovation too but must say it is insensitive and irresponsible to millions of people employed everywhere. It is clear case of misplaced priorities. Instead of using their intelligence to create more jobs and provide improved standard of livings ; better value additions through their products and services they resorted to the questionable route.

Indian under no situation should encourage the irresponsible deployment of AI risking human jobs. Organizations and some other countries going through population implosion got no choice.

However, the fair use of AI to compliment human intelligence is always welcome. In fact there are dozens of application which currently using AI but substituting human jobs with AI and that too crafted by human sounds inhumane. It’ll further create rift between sophisticated work-forces working on AI from that of crude work-forces working on repetitive and non-value adding jobs by their standards only risking their own jobs in long run.

India is different and its job market requirements are also different. The deployment of AI as mentioned could make sense to few companies or countries but India should be clear and cautious in the use of AI on its soil. I mean how difficult it is to create Indian version of Facebook without hungry stakeholder always carrying insatiable appetite for more and more money and becoming oblivious to the risk and unrest that they’ve created to the jobs of millions of people in the world.

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