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Personality Development


FREE Personality Development Session in Wakad by Anand Munshi, India’s Leading Motivational Speaker & Life Coach

What made you successful twenty years ago may not work well with your child today. The world is changing every second but is your child “change ready” to succeed in this scenario?

Don’t assume that academic excellence alone can guarantee desired success as more and more success has come to those who’re ready to take risk – gaining courage to leave their comfort zone, build confidence to do things that stops others from thinking big and focusing all their available energy to on their highest priority.

The successful people of future will have super sharp expertise in their area of interest; they display impeccable confidence and display strong communication skills to convince others to follow their dreams.

The workshop “Path Finder” is well designed and scientifically structured to transforms your child into an independent problem solver. Take first step today and prepare your child to excel in challenging situations of the future. During the session your child learns:

  • How to excel in academic results
  • How to develop habits of successful people
  • How to build confidence and leadership skills
  • How to display high emotional intelligence
  • How to develop strong communication skills
  • How to develop charismatic personality
  • How to gain competitive edge


The highly interactive session is designed after years of research on fundamental concepts of success and competitiveness – delivered in Engaging, Entertaining and Impactful manner to enable every child reach the peak of their natural talent

Only 5 Students per batch are permitted. Entry to the session is only through submission of registration form. Please wait to get confirmation email before coming to the session.

REGISTRATION: Click here to register for free session

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Sunday, 2nd July 2017 | Time: 11AM to 12PM
VENUE: Office # 512, 5th Floor.
Fortune Business Centre. WAKAD. Pune.

Anand is international Author, TED Speaker and Corporate Coach to dozen’s of Fortune 500 companies and India’s leading Motivational Speaker, Futurist & Corporate Trainer. His session are designed after years of research on human motivation that brings lasting and meaningful transformation in individuals and organizations.

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