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5 Simple things to nourish your marriage relationships

5  Simple things to nourish your marriage relationships

According to dozens of researches spanning over 75 years from leading universities cross the world – the long term and meaningful relationships forms the basis of living a happy family and fulfilling personal life. It also leads to financial success and develops gratitude to fellow people; builds positive framework where we get opportunity to contribute to family and society thus playing important supporting roles through up and downs in our lives.

But have we reached the point where it takes someone very special to understand and value relationships, especially in marriages? As a society, and in the name of independence, we constantly depleting our appetite to bond for long term family goals and resorted to short term valueless tantrums thus exposing us to huge mess of diseases and degradation of values and chaos in the society.  For example, every second marriage within five years is a divorce. More children, in Europe, are conceived outside of marriages than in the marriages. There is very strong correlation between children coming out of the broken relationships of parents and crime rate of these children.

It has been established that people with relationship issues suffer premature ageing, undergoes lot of mental stress, resort to drugs and alcohols,  witness early ending to their financial life cycle and send early invitation to high blood-pressure and other life style related diseases.

It is high time, instead shying away from relationship responsibilities and fanning ego in the name of “independence” we start to invest our time and energy in nourishing relationships that can stand tall when we require it the most. Marriage is the oldest arrangement and family is the oldest institution that society relied for generation to breed values and culture in the society but now the backbone of the society itself needs support.  

Here are five simple ways to boost your relationships:

  1. The major reason behind relationship turmoil is expectation gap of partners. Minimize it by constantly communicating and proactively taking that “first step” to overcome impasses. Remember it’s your life and your relationships, no one other than you will gain or lose the most.
  2. Marriage like any other arrangement works well only if the roles of each partner is clear. Ask this magic question to yourself and to your partner. “What one thing you willing to contribute without complaining about it?” could be looking after children, earning money etc.
  3. In relationships small things are not small, they are big. Buying chocolate or surprise your partner before anniversary with his or her favorite color dress is big. Let’s don’t ignore the small things that play big roles in the relationships.
  4. Relationship also has other synonym like sacrifices, tolerance, acceptance which you never find in any dictionary. Learn what you need to sacrifice, tolerate and accept to move on. Remember some battle when you lose, you actually win.
  5. Finally, expect element of surprises every now and then. Be flexible to adopt and don’t shy away from apologizing for your mistakes and be accommodative for other’s limitation.
  6. Bonus – never forget to have fun!

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