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Are you also planning to be happy one day in the “Future”?

Are you also planning to be happy one day in the “Future”?

The tragedy is people live empty but die full.  What’s the point going to the grave with all music in you? Why don’t you “just” dance with that music in your life when you’re alive! Fear of failure is the single most detrimental factor that stops people from living their life to the full potential.

The only problem when postpone your happiness for better tomorrow is, tomorrow has never come for anyone – and the only time you could be happy is not in the past where you cannot enter now nor in the future which is not yet arrived, is only present where you decide to make genuine efforts to make yourself happy.

For some people, nothing in three worlds can make them happy today. They discredit all their possessions from past to “nothing” and convert all their plethora of contributions into “valueless” achievements. Because of their poor self-image they refuse to accept anything positive that has ever happened to them in the past or in the present or even the future.

No next success of yours can make you happy today if all previous achievements failed to do so. When you made a decision to remain unhappy you’ve also decided to junk all your possessions and turn them into a zero. It is a strong illusion that is created by smart but negative mind to deprive you of every opportunity to make you happy today. It cages you in permanent prison of dejection and helplessness.

Start appreciating your possessions and understand that no-one ever gets everything but every one of us can get something to make us happy today and that too right now!

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