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How about travelling in “Pepsi Rajdhani” or “Coke Shatabdhi”?

How about travelling in “Pepsi Rajdhani” or “Coke Shatabdhi” ?

Let’s welcome government’s decision to brand trains with the name of corporate players like “Pepsi Rajdhani ” or “Coke Shatabdhi” to shift the fare hike burden from already stressed passengers. The expected fare hike will be funded by corporate players in exchange of branding and advertising rights. Let’s see if it also improves the hygiene standards in and out of the trains and better maintenance of other less premium trains.

Indian railways are far away from meeting passenger’s demands with its limping infrastructure. At any time Indian railway carry passengers that are almost equals to population of Australia with resources not sufficient for smallest state in India.  We need to be desperately creative to look for better options. Not just branding trains with corporate giants but these corporate can also pump money to start new trains in the exchange of advertisements and marketing rights.

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