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Inefficient Government Fuels Parallel Channels for Corruption

For past fifteen years since he left his village, Kishore now lives in tier two city with his wife and a ten year son and six year old daughter. He works very hard to bring two-end meet. Visiting grandparents that too only once in a year during summer vacation is the happiest time of the year for the family and for that he needs to book his tickets 3 months in advance to have safe and comfortable journey of over 1500 km. In spite of so many efforts he was not able login to the railway server due to heavy traffic to book the ticket and got the waiting of over 100 in front of them before he gets confirmed ticket, which for all practically reasons looks impossible. Now the only think he is left with is to do some “juggad” with ticket checker during the journey.

Bribing and fueling corruption! Please, don’t expect a person like Kishore – challenged in every sphere of life with virtually no option other than train to commute to set the perfect example of honesty and integrity, at least for a perpetually incompetent and not so trustworthy government system. He has to explore and that too quickly parallel and more effective channels to make his family happy. After all he is just demanding normal infrastructure and no world class education system yet.

A happy taxpayer is one who pays his taxes knowing that a great part of his hard earned money will be used for the betterment of the society. When a government with its massive action plan fails to set this simple belief right in the minds of its citizens then they resort not to pay taxes and “takes charge himself”, siphoning money at his own discretion to improve his life which government was not able to do for him. Black money in essence is making conscious decision not to pay taxes on earning. But why would one be excited to burn his hard earned money where no tangible benefits are seen from government? They fail to see exemplary leaders.

He’ll also go for bribing; again thinking that he don’t need to be part of the inefficient system to rise. Bribery again is a clear slap that government is yet to clean its own backyard before starting to clear the black money. People bribe when the legitimate functional channel don’t exist or if it all exist then it is “good for nothing”. Then why would I pay my hard earned money as taxes when I won’t be able to see any changes?

Parallel channel’s existence like bribery and other form of corruption is questioning government’s ability to deliver and an open declaration that we don’t trust you anymore for our betterment. When government fail to deliver then citizens too get more and more inclined to become independent in their own way; expecting nothing from it and hence feel find every reason to justify its own wrongdoing.

None of the top most profit making companies is in India. None of the best technological company is in India. These companies in spite of paying huge taxes to government in their respective countries they still manage to put huge success for themselves, for the employees and for its users. Because when they pay good taxes a large part of it is spend back on people and country which in turns increase the affordability of the people to buy these products. Now that guarantee in India doesn’t exist.

Government ji – let’s start to give before demanding. How about starting with at least guaranteed sleeper class ticket for everyone?

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