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Why some companies will never have engaged and empowered

In spite of fat pay packages, work-life balance or jaw-dropping job profile – no matter what you provide to the employees; the organizations all over the world largely failing to rightly connect with its employees and constantly missing on true leavers to transform the organizations. These expectations mismatch leads to dipping employee satisfaction, rising employee attrition and frequent job changes put toll on organization’s performance. Can engaged employees alone create innovative and world class offerings for common people? Are organizations failing to give or failing to get from employees?

According to the new findings, there is a rising trend; especially in innovative companies where employees are more and more satisfied and contribute significantly when they become part of the disruptive innovation where employees are meaningfully aligned with never before strategic vision of company; giving them unique opportunity to create and contribute to themselves and to the company. Competitive Salary, High Profile though necessary for employees but it’s only the unparalleled vision of key leaders that bind and retain critical talent within industry to transforms their organization into world class and biggest leavers to engaged and empower its employees.

The availability of engaged employees alone cannot guarantee transformation without empowering vision of key decision makers. Engaged employees are like untapped energy that goes unused without committed vision of key decision makers to create world class products and services.

Leadership, is all about empowering the team – it’s ability to attract and retain key talents for future growth.

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