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Masterkey to Skyrocket Satisfaction of Online Customers

Recently, one of the world’s biggest technology companies came out with a sensational  product which will try to answer questions of hundreds and thousands of questions from customers on social networking sites which they have for their products and service which they bought from this company. It is said that the tool is using “Artificial Intelligence” to mimic how human converse and try to logically answer questions which as of now remain unanswered due to very large volume of questions that is  being posted from all over the world and most company struggle to provide satisfy customers.

This tool has great scope in customer service department of any organization as it can greatly improve customer satisfaction for the company where it can be trained, just like human to handle queries from customers over Internet. The good about this tool is that the knowledge content of this tools can be upgraded, meaning, it also accept newer information which will make sure that this tool never  goes outdated.

This tool is not at all a substitute for employing human to answer the questions from the client but it is great asset to serve customers which regularly ask repetitive information where nature of query of customer is based on static information like – “how to configure modem on my machine”  or, “how long it takes to register my company etc”. Answer to these questions won’t change too frequently and hence it is much better and cost-effective to employ this tool.

Organization all over the world won’t mind experimenting with this tool to increase the number of queries that can be answered in a day and secondly, it can also reduce significant investment cost that is done every year in hiring, training and then engaging humans to do the same work.

It can also address one of the biggest issues of employing attrition where employee after learning and getting good trainings leaves the company and work for the competitors.

However, this tool still has long way to go and so many value addition are yet to be made but let’s understand and quick adopt to the changing trends in customers behavior and how organizations themselves are educating themselves and simultaneously preparing new generation customers to accept and navigate the unavoidable changes.

There are some bigger challenges that need to be address first before this tool can be used live by any organization to address the problems of the customer and the first problem is of acceptance by general mass of people.

Until and unless this tool won’t gain higher level of trust it won’t be possible for organization to substitute human with it which won’t be happening if it consistently and without error start to help customers online to solve their problems.

On the other hand, successful deployment of this tool means that there will be lesser jobs for human and can pose problem of unemployment which for time being is not at a big issue.

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