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Meet the Original Management Guru of all times – Krishna !

Meet the Original Management Guru of all times – Krishna !

The great scientist Albert Einstein says after reading Bhagavad Gita he knew how lord created this universe and everything else seems superfluous in front of it. No wonder now world’s best organization and universities have started acknowledging this great epic by paying attention to the timeless wisdom that Krishna spoke five thousand years ago that still hold true. They now are conferring Him The Original Management Guru, the guru to all other gurus. Its obvious to them that they cannot solve their problems on material level but needed something deep and more profound like Bhagavad Gita to get solutions. Within 700 slokas Krishna not only graphically portrayed the universal problems that all are suffering but also provided permanent solutions to it. At the other hand he without doubt established himself as the master of senses, the supreme enjoyer of all the fruits and next to none the supreme controller of living and non-living things.

A true management guru should be able to identify the important and relevant trends that are impacting everyone in their lives. He should be able to correlate the trends with its root cause and finally come up with permanent solutions for prevalent problems that are good for everyone. Krishna fulfils these three conditions with great success. Through His message of Bhagavad Gita He first portray the existence of universal problems then related them to the individual Karmas and then finally gave solutions to revive eternal position. Through his teachings he not only gave roadmap to lead a meaningful life by overcoming real problems but thereafter to lead a life of eternal peace and harmony with divine will.

Even in corporate world they need management guru who can solve their pressing problems permanently. It is the prime responsibility of the top management to quickly identify the problems before it becomes unmanageable and bring losses to organization and employees. They constantly look to get correct and permanent solutions without impacting other good things in the process.  In fact it is only on the ability of the management leader that makes company grows and excel in every area beating its competitions. The large multinational corporations have now started running various courses that teach the most practical and highly effective teachings to its executive to cope with increasing level of stress during work and run organization with great courage and focus.

What makes Krishna the original management guru is his supreme authority over existence and flawless message that is applicable to everyone across whole cosmic manifestation. With his message he not only empowered people to overcome the miseries of material existence but also laid path to attain divine glories for permanent peace and knowledge while still continuing to perform day to day activities.

Bhagavad Gita is very effective because of is its simplicity and strong relevance of message. It has solutions to every big or small problem that a person could ever face his life. Starting with why people get angry to why people are forced to commit crimes, why only certain people get everything they want and others get nothing, how Krishna is the seed giving father to what is the best use of human form of life. Krishna gives uncompromised and undiluted answers to the path of self-realization and how to develop habits to cut the shackles of material existence.

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