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Three Sutras for Success In Personal & Professional Life

Future is not what it used to be – instead of being predictable it is full of surprises. Basically, increasingly higher number of world’s top MNCs these days refrain from making lot of investment in the initial phase based their predictions about nature of their customer’s behaviours to buy a particular product or services because of too many uncertainties in their buying pattern. Even developed economic nations are very cautious in making decisions to understand the current social and political trends in nations to provide all basic needs to their citizens.

World famous management thinker Peter Ducker used three “C” to describe current situation applicable to all irrespective of their age, profession or country they live in. His findings are so impactful that once you understand its relevance and learned how to master them it’ll give unprecedented amount of stability and security to succeed in your personal and professional lives.

His findings are, ” Today’s world can be described as – Accelerated Changes, Overwhelming Complexities, Tremendous Competition”. Now what it means to you if you’re a student, working professional, businessman or even politician? How mastering these three simple principles opens up lots of opportunities for you?

When you use GPS in your car to reach to a particular destination, you’re immediately asked to “Confirm your present location”. Without knowing your current location you cannot find way to your destination. Same thing applies to us as a student, businessman or employee, when we’re not aware of our current situation there is no way we can improve it and reach where current trends will take us to future because we don’t know where to start and in which direction to go. Such a simple and yet powerful message.

For example if you’re a business man and in order to survive and possibly to excel, first you need to get full knowledge of changes that are happening in your own field otherwise you might end up creating a wonderful product that is not at all required in the market. You’ll lose all your valuable time and money on a product that you nobody wants to buy. The reason big MNCs make great profits is because they’re very much aware of what’ll be nature of changes that are happening in market place and what customers will be eagerly buying.

The second thing we need to understand is nothing is going to be simple because people in general demand more and more within less and less. Imagine the first generation of mobile phones when they came, some people find it so difficult to operate that they chose to use their old landline instrument to keep it simple. But now compare those first generation mobile phones with today’s smart phone, they look so simple and easy.

In order to get the best use of growing technological advancement we should always be ready to accept growing complexities. And the final and most important is not to ignore tremendous competition.

Increasingly we find there is no place for good, only the best or excellent product, people or services will be adored and survive in the market. Why don’t we focus our efforts to navigate these flood of changes, complexities and completion to reach our goals and maintain higher degree of success in whatever field we’re in?

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